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Climbing The Pocket: Episode 180 [Extension Time?]

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Jordan Reid, Myles Gorham, and Yinka Ayinde join Jayson Brown to discuss Kirk Cousins’ play, signing him to a long-term extension, and the matchup vs the Chargers.

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In this episode:

Reunited and it feels so good.

In this episode, JR makes his long-awaited return to the pod and updates us on the treacherous weather conditions in North Carolina. He also broke down the play of Kirk Cousins and why he thinks Kirk has been able to sustain such strong play over the course of this season.

Jayson brought up the possibility of Kirk being signed long-term which was swiftly shot down by Myles and Yinka citing the uncertainty of the Vikings playoff position and thus the long-term job insecurity for Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer.

We circled back around to talk about the matchup vs the San Diego Chargers of Los Angeles in which JR predicted a heartbreaking loss for the Chargers, Myles sang the praises of Keenan Allen, and Yinka provided analysis of Andre Ekler.

We close the episode with a fantasy football playoff tangent and predictions for the game.