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Daily Norseman Fan Pulse: Holding steady again

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How are things going for the purple in the eyes of the fans?

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

After the Minnesota Vikings lost to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 13, we saw a drop in fan confidence via our FanPulse polls, but not a terribly large one, perhaps owing to the fact that the game had not been played before the FanPulse questions went out. Last week, the Vikings went out and did what they were supposed to do against the Detroit Lions. In the process, it doesn’t appear that they impressed a whole lot of people.

Yes, the number remains steady for the Vikings as they head into their final road game of the year against the Chargers on Sunday. Once again, 67% of fans expressed confidence in the direction of the team after the win over Detroit, the same percentage as after the loss to Seattle. Perhaps the roller coaster has stopped for a bit for our FanPulse results. Seeing them go back up again would be nice. . .it’s just the drop part that I could do without.

We had two national questions this week, both concerning the 2020 NFL Draft. The first question asked which team would end up with the #1 pick in this April’s selection meeting. Though we don’t have a graphic for it, I can assure you that the Cincinnati Bengals crushed the rest of the field, with over 80% of respondents projecting the Bengals to end up at the top of the draft board.

The other question was which player would go #1 overall, and if the Bengals do end up with the #1 overall pick, it looks like they’ll be grabbing Andy Dalton’s replacement.

Nearly 70% of everyone that responded went with the likely Heisman Trophy winner, Louisiana State quarterback Joe Burrow. Makes sense to me.

Those are your FanPulse results for this week, ladies and gentlemen. Hopefully we’ll see the arrow move back upward after this Sunday’s game and get fans confident in this team heading into the big Monday Night Football contest at U.S. Bank Stadium.