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Week 15 NFL Early Games Discussion

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An appetizer while we wait for the main event of the day

NFL International Series-Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve got several hours of waiting ahead of us before the Minnesota Vikings kick things off against the Los Angeles Chargers this afternoon, but there is still plenty of NFL action to watch while we wait. So, we know what that means, right?

Yes, once again, we’ve got a limited, modified RED ZONE SUNDAY for this week of NFL action, as we get to sit back and watch the early games play out before our favorite team takes the field. We’ll have our final full-on Red Zone Sunday next week since the Vikings play on Monday night.

We’ve got eight games in the early window today for your viewing pleasure, and we’ve got the maps for which games will be broadcast in which areas, courtesy of the folks from 506 Sports.

Early Games on CBS

The green, yellow, and light purple areas represent late game broadcasts, as FOX has the double-header this week and not CBS. The Vikings/Chargers game is the green area.

Early Games on FOX

Obviously, we’ll be keeping an eye on the Bears/Packers game, as it could have an impact on the Vikings’ playoff and/or division title hopes.

Enjoy the early games, folks! We’ll have the Open Thread up for the first quarter of our game at around 2:00 PM Central.