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NFL Saturday Football Discussion

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Texans at Buccaneers, Bills at Patriots

Houston Texans v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Good Afternoon!

We’ve got the Saturday games (yes it felt weird typing that) setup with a thread for everyone’s commenting pleasure this afternoon/evening. As everyone is likely done with their Christmas shopping (I’m not) I figured most of us would take a peak at the games today. Also, as the last game tonight has huge playoff implications for the Vikings, I’ll put up a separate thread tonight just for that game.

Today’s first game game will kickoff at noon Central time with the 9-5 Houston Texans visiting the 7-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers The Texans currently have not clinched a playoff spot and have the Tennessee Titans chasing them, a loss hurts the Texans chances of making the playoffs. Buccaneers are out of the playoffs.

Today’s second game features the Buffalo Bills visiting the New England Patriots. As of right now, the Patriots have the 2nd seed, the Bills have the 5th seed. Neither team can afford to drop another game due to playoff seeing, and besides who wants to bet against Belichick at home? As always, here’s to a good game(s) with no injuries.

Houston Texans SB Nation Site: Battle Red Blog.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers SB Nation Site: Bucs Nation.

Buffalo Bills SB Nation Site: Buffalo Rumblings.

New England Patriots SB Nation Site: Pats Pulpit.

Today’s games will be on the NFL Network, from looking at the NFL website other legal viewing options include NFL Live on Yahoo sports and the NFL APP. I’m not sure if these games are available via Roku or Amazon. As usual, don’t post or promote illegal streams, they will get removed and so will the poster.

If you’re going to be watching today’s games anyway, you could just as well come and hang out with your fellow Vikings fans while you do so.

I’ll be back later to post another thread for the 49ers - Rams game.

Also, GIF’s are welcome in this game thread, however within the rules as usual.

We all know the rules, if you don’t, pop over to one of my other threads and read them.


Who wins the game between the Texans and Buccaneers?

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Who wins the game between the Bills and Patriots?

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