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Vikings vs Packers 2 - GMG Preview Show

It is the holidays and also Packers week and the guys from Good Morning Gjallarhorn break it all down for this Monday Night matchup. The Vikings hope to beat the Packers and still have a chance at winning the NFC North. Can they do it?

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Vikings vs Packers… Good morning Horners! As we go into the Monday Night Football game against probably our biggest rivals, the Green Bay Packers, your Minnesota Vikings have already clinched a spot in the playoffs. The question will be what seed it will be. If they fail it will be the 6th seed, but with winning it could be higher. First however, the Vikings need to do their part and win this game.

Kirk Cousins will lead an almost healthy offense. Dalvin Cook has been ruled out for his shoulder and Alexander Mattison is questionable for his ankle, so Mike Boone will likely have the chance to expand on his very good performance from last week. Adam Thielen shook off the rust last week, and he, Stefon Diggs, Kyle Rudolph and the rest of the targets are ready. Aaron Rodgers will have Davante Adams and Aaron Jones to work with but hopefully the Vikes’ defensive line, linebackers and secondary, along with the home crowd, will make it miserable for them, and like Alan Page and Jim Marshall did 40 years ago when battling for the division, rip the will to play from them and make them want to go home.

Drew chose an interesting trivia challenge for this episode, decades of the Vikings that have scored against the Packers. There are some glorious memories in there from Fran Tarkenton, Randy Moss and his ‘Disgusting Act’, to Dalvin Cook running all over them. How will you do?

NFL: SEP 15 Vikings at Packers
Kirk Cousins has had his best season of his career, but there is yet another checklist item on his list... Beat the Packers in front of the screaming Vikings fans and give us hope for the holidays that the division is possible.
Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The holidays are upon us and we celebrate with family and friends, and also this Monday night with all the Vikings fans around the world.

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen! GO VIKINGS!

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