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Daily Norseman FanPulse: A slight confidence drop for the Vikings

As expected

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

We’ve gotten the results of our final FanPulse polling of the 2019 NFL regular season, and unfortunately we don’t have any of our usual sweet graphics this week, but I do have all of the figures to share.

Much like the last time the Minnesota Vikings lost, when they fell in prime time to the Seattle Seahawks, we saw a slight drop in the level of confidence of Vikings fans that may have been mitigated by the loss coming after the FanPulse questions were mailed out to our respondents. This week, we saw a five-point drop in confidence, with 72% of fans being confident in the direction of the team last week and 67% expressing that level of confidence this week. Not entirely unexpected, but it was nice to not see the usual drop of doom that we tend to get after a Vikings’ loss.

The two national questions for this week centered around which teams readers wanted to see in Super Bowl LIV. Among NFC teams, the Vikings found themselves in third place among the six playoff entrants.

  1. New Orleans Saints - 33.48%
  2. San Francisco 49ers - 24.20%
  3. Minnesota Vikings - 14.37%
  4. Seattle Seahawks - 9.79%
  5. NFC East Champion (Dallas Cowboys or Philadelphia Eagles) - 9.15%
  6. Green Bay Packers - 9.02%

So nobody wants to see the Packers in the Super Bowl. I’m stunned. Pleasantly stunned, but still stunned.

Among the AFC teams, not surprisingly, the Baltimore Ravens are the ones that people want to see in Miami.

  1. Baltimore Ravens - 37.01%
  2. Kansas City Chiefs - 27.36%
  3. Buffalo Bills - 17.28%
  4. New England Patriots - 7.50%
  5. Whoever wins the last AFC Wild Card spot - 5.99%
  6. Houston Texans - 4.87%

Damn, Houston. I find it hard to believe that the Texans are somehow less compelling than the Titans, Steelers, or Raiders, but that’s what the numbers say.

Those are your FanPulse results for this week, folks. We’ll continue bringing you the results of our polls for as long as they keep getting sent out.