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Vikings vs Lions 2 - GMG In The Raw!

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The Minnesota Vikings survive week 14 and now move to 9-4 with their win over the Detroit Lions. “Survive” may be the wrong word, it was more like handled the Lions in the 20-7 victory, but it wasn’t even that close.

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Vikings vs Lions… Good morning Horners! Your Minnesota Vikings move to 9-4 with a good, but relatively boring win over the visiting Detroit Lions in US Bank Stadium. With Xavier Rhodes sitting the first half and Mike Hughes in his spot, the Zimmer defense set on keeping the Lions nullified of any sort of offense attack all the way to garbage time. The offense did enough to open a 17-0 lead at half and then go to 20-0 before the Lions made their only score in the game late in the 4th quarter.

Kirk Cousins had another good day going 24/30 with 1 TD early to Bisi Johnson. The passing game generated 242 yards and the running game an additional 120. Dalvin Cook didn’t re-injure his shoulder/chest, a good thing, Stefon Diggs led pass catchers with 92 yards, but it was complimentary football to what the defense was doing. Danielle Hunter got 3 sacks today with his first one being his 50th making him the youngest player ever to reach that mark. He has developed into a true star for the Vikings. He wasn’t alone in the sack-fest however with both Everson Griffen and Jaleel Johnson each racking up one against the young David Blough. That wasn’t all for though. In his welcome to Minnesota game, he was also picked off twice, once by Harrison Smith and then by Andrew Sendejo.

In the second half, the team went into ultra conservative mode that drives many of us crazy, but it sufficient and there was no real threat. They defended the win with the final score being 20-7, even though it wasn’t really that close, and surely didn’t feel that way. It is now time to enjoy another Vikings victory and look forward to the week. Vikings win! Vikings win!

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings
David Blough had his welcome to Minnesota moments, including 5 sacks, the first of which giving Danielle Hunter the record for youngest DE ever to reach the 50 sack mark in his career.

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