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The 2019 Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Database debuts this weekend

Let’s get the new folks caught up on what it is

We’re getting closer to full-blown Mock Draft Season here at The Daily Norseman, and that means the debut of our Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Database for 2019.

For those that haven’t been around for that long, here’s what the Mock Draft Database is.

If you look around the internet, you’ll find some sites that compile mock NFL drafts, but given that we are a Minnesota Vikings website, we want to focus just on our favorite team and what the various experts around the internet are projecting for our team this April. To that end, we compile numerous mock drafts around the internet and distill them down to just what they’re doing for Minnesota.

We start off relatively small, with 30 mocks in our Database. Each week, we expand the Database to include more drafts, until we eventually get to 100. If drafts aren’t updated for a while, we remove them from the Database. Generally, we start out with the bigger names in the draft game, but as we get closer to draft day we expand our reach to include mocks from smaller sites as well. There are two reasons for this.

First off, it gives the perspectives of those that might not get a lot of exposure, but still have some pretty good opinions on what’s happening in the draft world. Second, we remember back when this site was getting started and we wanted to get eyes on our stuff, too. If we can give folks a hand to help them out a bit, we’re more than happy to do that.

We provide a couple of different types of data in our Database. First, we break things down by what the mocks are reporting in each individual week. Here’s an example of what last year’s chart for the final installation of our 2018 Mock Draft Database looked like.

We also track the way various players trend from week-to-week over the entirety of our Mock Draft Database.

By the time we got to the end last year, there had been 41 different players projected to go to the Minnesota Vikings with the 30th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. With the Vikings picking at 18 this year rather than 30, I would imagine that the number won’t quite get that high this year, but we’ll have to see.

This will be the sixth time in seven years that we’ve done the Mock Draft Database. If you’d like to review how things have gone in past years, here are all of our Mock Draft Databases for your reading pleasure.

So, we’ll be at it starting on Saturday with our “Pre-Combine” version of our Database. We’ll be efforting to get it out on Saturday mornings, but it will be out sometime on Saturdays between now and the 2019 NFL Draft.