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Bagley Flyers Show their Vikings Colors at State

The Girls High Kick Team threw some surprises in - and caught the eye of a certain Vikings Pro-Bowler.

Seattle Seahawks v Minnesota Vikings
NOT the Bagley Flyers Dance Team (right Troy?)
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Last weekend, the 2018-2019 Minnesota State Girls Dance Competition took place at Target Center in Minneapolis, and one team in particular let it be known just exactly who their favorites are. The Bagley Flyers High Kick Team’s Vikings-themed routine brought cheers from the entire crowd, and earned the girls a sixth place finish. For those that aren’t familiar, Bagley is a town of about 1,400 and sits about a half hour west of Bemidji.

I’d love to be able to put the video up on the site as it sits, but unfortunately, that can’t happen, soooo....

The video can be found here, under the header Class A High Kick Qualifiers .

(note: I used the qualifier video because it was a lot easier to hear the music in the background. The same routine can be found at around 20 minutes of the Finals video)

Forward the video to the 36:55 mark, to see the girls full routine, which lasts about three-and-a-half minutes. And pay particular attention for all the Vikings football references. It’s worth watching a few times just to catch all of them - including a really cool representation of the Minneapolis Miracle complete with a Marcus Williams “whiff” on Stefon Diggs.

It’s a little difficult to tell from the video - especially if you’re watching on a smaller screen - but the young ladies’ are all wearing the #19 in honor of former (you may have heard) Minnesota prep athlete Adam Thielen.

And, word must’ve reached Thielen, because he gave a shout out to the girls (and their coaches, of course) on Twitter.

Great job, ladies, and - as always - Skol!!