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2019 NFL Draft: Vikings given three compensatory picks

And, yes, the Cardinals have officially hosed us

NFL: 2016 NFL Draft Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

As they did at this time almost one year ago, the National Football League has announced the Compensatory Picks for the 2019 NFL Draft, and the Minnesota Vikings got what we’ve been expecting them to get for quite a while.

The NFL has awarded the Vikings three extra selections in this year’s draft. One will be in the sixth round, while two will be in the seventh and final round of the draft.

While nobody knows exactly what the formula for the awarding of Compensatory Picks is, the folks from Over the Cap have done an outstanding job over the years of projecting those picks, and they got the Vikings correct once again this season. Unfortunately, they were also right in projecting that the Vikings were not going to receive the extra third round pick that they were projected to get for much of the season, courtesy of the Arizona Cardinals releasing Sam Bradford when they did. Apparently if they had held onto him for just a week or so longer, Minnesota would have gotten that extra third-round choice.

The three compensatory picks now give the Vikings eight selections to use on draft day, as they don’t have their fifth-round pick because of the Trevor Siemian trade, nor do they have their original seventh-round pick because of the trade for Brett Jones.