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Admiral BigGun takes the Polar Plunge

I’m freezing just watching it

Scores Of Swimmers Take Icy Plunge At Annual Coney Island Polar Bear Club Swim
It didn’t look like this, but our picture selection is limited.
Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably seen some FanPosts from one of our fellow Minnesota Vikings fans, Admiral BigGun, raising money for his annual “Polar Plunge” to benefit the Special Olympics. Well, today was the day for it, and he was kind enough to share it with everyone on social media, so I’ll put it up here for everyone to see.

Gotta love the full-on belly flop, don’t ya?

The Special Olympics is an outstanding cause, and though I’m not sure how many folks donated to Admiral BigGun through DN here, it looks like he managed to raise quite a bit of money.

Over $1,500 is nothing to sneeze at, folks. That’s going to do quite a bit to support the athletes in a number of different ways.

Big kudos to Admiral BigGun and everyone else that took part in the Polar Plunge in doing their part to help Special Olympics. One of these days, once I’ve relocated to the Great White North again for good, I’d be tempted to get in on this as well, I think.