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Chris’ Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft v4.0: Mocktor No

Time to fire up the simulator again!

“Do you expect me to talk?”

“No, Mr. Spielman, I expect you to draft!”

Hey, everyone! I know I didn’t do a mock last week, and I apologize for that. But now we’re back, and the effects of the Scouting Combine should have fully hit the big boards across the internet, so let’s get back into the draft sims, shall we?

Once again, this is being done using the FanSpeak On the Clock Premium draft simulation tool. We will once again be taking the Minnesota Vikings through a seven-round mock draft, complete with any trades that might be sent my way by the other virtual GMs. Here are the parameters I’m using for this week’s mock:

  • Big Board - CBS Sports Aggregate big board (updated 8 March)
  • Computer using random big boards
  • Difficulty level - Classic
  • Team needs - FanSpeak (G, OT, Edge, WR, TE, C, CB, RB, S)

Here are the Vikings’ picks as we stand right now:

I’m also going to be operating under the assumption that both Anthony Barr and Sheldon Richardson are going to be gone when free agency gets underway this week. With that, away we go!

No trade offers come in before the first round gets underway, and no trade offers have come in when we hit the clock at pick #18. With that, here’s what the board looks like when it comes time to make our first selection:

To this point, two offensive linemen have gone off the board. . .Jonah Williams went off to the Jacksonville Jaguars at #7, and Greg Little went to Carolina at #16. I know that there are going to be people screaming for an offensive lineman here, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Ford was the choice in this scenario if it were to happen in the real world.

However, operating under the assumption that we’re going to need a Sheldon Richardson replacement next to Linval Joseph, I absolutely can’t pass this up.

Round 1, Pick 18 - Ed Oliver, DT, Houston

Oliver spent a lot of time playing on the nose with the Cougars, but that’s not where he’s going to be playing in the NFL. He’s going to be a three-technique tackle, and with his quickness and skills, he has the potential to be one of the NFL’s best at the position in very short order. Lining Oliver up next to Linval Joseph would give the Vikings their strongest defensive tackle pairing since the Williams Wall came down, and if he falls to this spot, he’s a no-brainer. With the Vikings, it’s not a stretch to think he’d be an early favor for 2019 Defensive Rookie of the Year. He’s that good.

Into the second round we go, and no trade offers come in before the picks start flowing. and none come in when we hit pick #50. So, here’s the board:

Another easy one, based on what we saw this week at the Combine and from the scheme that the Vikings want to implement.

Round 2, Pick 50 - Garrett Bradbury, C, North Carolina State

I believe I had Bradbury to the Vikings in my previous mock, and have already gone over his strengths. He’s the perfect fit for the zone scheme the Vikings want to implement, and would push Pat Elflein over to guard, which would (theoretically) strengthen two spots on the offensive line, particularly if Elflein is healthy to start the year.

As we get to the third round, I have two trade offers come in, presumably so that the simulator can remind me that trades are, in fact, in effect in this sim.

Yeah, no interest in trading up, so this is an easy refusal on both fronts.

No more offers come in as we hit pick #81, and both of the Wisconsin guards (Beau Benzschawel and Michael Dieter) went off the board within five picks of our spot, which is a bit of a disappointment. So, here’s what things look like now:

Really not a fan of the way the board has fallen here, to be honest. But, there’s a value to be had here, so let’s get a guy that could play a significant role early on.

Round 3, Pick 81 - David Montgomery, RB, Iowa State

Until we see Dalvin Cook actually stay healthy for more than a few consecutive games, we have to assume that he’s going to spend some time nicked up. Throw in the fact that Latavius Murray is likely soon to be an ex-Viking and Roc Thomas having his issues, and running back is now a bigger need than it was. Montgomery could slot into the Murray role, as he’s great out of the backfield as a pass catcher, and is the rare back that comes into the league as a very good blocker as well.

On to Round 4 of the draft, and no trade offers come in when we get the round started. However, we do get a couple of proposals when we get on the board for our fourth round selection.

I ask myself, “What would Rick Spielman do here?” And the response is that he would turn that fourth-round pick into two fifth-rounders, bringing us to the magic number of 10. So, I take Denver’s offer and patiently wait for the fifth round to start.

Once we get there, no trade proposals come in now that we’re on the board at #148 overall. Here’s what the board looks like:

Again, not necessarily loving the way things have gone down here, but let’s go back to the defensive side.

Round 5, Pick 148 (from Denver) - Shareef Miller, Edge, Penn State

Miller has been a solid player for the Nittany Lions, having been named a third-team All-B1G player in each of the last two years. He seems like the kind of project that Mike Zimmer and Andre Patterson would like to get their hands on and mold, and he seems to be a solid value here.

We’re back on the board at #156, and now we bounce back to offense.

Round 5, Pick 156 (from Denver) - Jalen Hurd, WR, Baylor

Hurd is a big target, checking in at 6’4” and about 230 pounds. He’s a pure outside receiver, and while he has a lot of things to refine technically, he could potentially present a big target on the outside for the Vikings’ offense if they can get him developed.

When we get to Round 6, here’s what the board looks like:

I haven’t done enough on the offensive line to this point, I don’t think, but it’s probably too late to try to rectify that mistake now. So, let’s add more to the offense.

Round 6, Pick 190 - Foster Moreau, TE, Louisiana State

Moreau is probably more of a blocking tight end than a pass catcher at this point, so we’ll have to see what the Vikings could do with him on that front.

(The descriptions are going to get shorter as we go along here. My apologies for that.)

Here’s how things have changed when we get to our second sixth-round pick:

Round 6, Pick 209 - Mike Edwards, S, Kentucky

A defensive back for Mike Zimmer. Hooray!

On to Round 7, and here’s the board where we’ll pick twice in four selections:

Round 7, Pick 247 - Derwin Gray, G, Maryland

I wonder if he has a portrait anywhere.

Round 7, Pick 250 - Blake Cashman, LB, Minnesota

No chance he’s there at this spot in the actual draft, but hey. . .one of us, right?

So, here’s my full class of picks for this mock.

I’ll have to admit that I was a bit thrown off by the lack of trade offers in the first couple of rounds. Obviously, I think that Oliver and Bradbury represent pretty phenomenal value for where I wound up getting them, but I don’t think I did nearly as much as I needed to on the offensive line. I’ll attempt to rectify that in my next mock.

You can see the results of the entire draft by clicking here.

That’s my mock for this week, folks. Enjoy!


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