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Rapoport: Vikings have not asked Kyle Rudolph to restructure

That seems a little strange

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

We’re getting ready for the start of free agency in the National Football League, with the “legal tampering” period set to get underway on Monday. While we’ve been waiting for the Minnesota Vikings to do things to clear out some salary cap space, one of the things that most of us have been assuming is that tight end Kyle Rudolph would be restructuring his deal to help with that.

If that’s going to happen, the front office better get on it. . .because, reportedly, it hasn’t happened yet.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Kyle Rudolph’s agent has said that the Vikings have not only not approached Rudolph about restructuring his deal, but they’ve told Rudolph that they hope he’ll be on the team for years to come.

As things stand right now, Rudolph has a cap figure for 2019 of $7.625 million, which is the 11th-highest on the roster. Rudolph is going into the final year of his contract, and it wouldn’t cost the team anything to cut him, but if they were to give him some sort of extension it could potentially lower his cap hit for this year.

I understand that we’re getting into the “silly season” of free agency rumors and other roster shenanigans, but this seems like an odd thing for a player’s agent to put out there if it wasn’t true. This is something that we’re definitely going to be keeping an eye on to see how things develop.