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Minnesota Vikings News and Links: March 19, 2019

The Vikings are officially straight outta’ Compton

1987 NFC Divisional Playoffs: Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

The slow countdown to the draft continues, and we wait patiently. Meanwhile, free agents are looking for, and for some, finding new homes for the 2019 season.Sendejo is heading to Philly, Ameer Abdullah re-signed with the team, and alas, the Vikings are officially straight outta’ Compton. Yes, Tom Compton will be signing with the Jets, it’s hard to accept.

Around the DN since our last open thread:

Ted sheds some light on the Vikings offensive line strategy. I knew they had things under control. Andrew Sendejo is to sign with the Eagles

As mentioned, Chris shared the news of Compton’s signing with the Jets. But wait, we re-signed Ameer Abdullah!, but then, Andrew Sendejo decided to sign with the Eagles.

Chris has the MN Vikings Free Agency Tracker, where you can stay up to date with all the Vikings’ activity.

Vikings news from other sources, and news from around the rest of the NFL:

At, Abdullah said he really didn’t want to be anywhere else, other than Minnesota. Well, now he won’t have to be, at least until the team travels, then they’ll probably make him come along. has a long list of free agency rumors from around the league.

With the annual meeting only a week away, here is a list of all the NFL rule change proposals for 2019, from the Sporting News.

We come to today’s media selection:

I thought of this episode of Beavis and Butthead when I see what the team is doing to address the O-line. This is called “there’s nothing happening”. Enjoy! Okay, nevermind. Apparently you can’t find those videos anywhere legal, here’s Three Dog Night instead, enjoy!

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