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Keep Dat - Week 2

Yinka takes a look at more things that worked for the purple in 2018.

Continuing the Keep Dat series with week 2...

Week 1 Keep Dat -

The Vikings are in a 5 man pressure, they stack the box, and bluff the blitz on the left side. They bring 2 defenders up the right side B gap, and because Green Bay went empty(zero running backs in the backfield), they bluff the left tackle with no responsibility to force the guard 2 on 1.


Vikings are in a man beater in the end zone. Zimmer likely knew Green bay often calls man-match up concepts in the end zone with zone help from their line backers. A lot of teams love to run pick routes near the end zone because the plays happen fast, and it is easier to score with these concepts. They motion Stefon Diggs to see if Green Bay is matching him with a defender. If yes, he is the main option on the pick route, Kyle Rudolph also runs a “slant”(the pick) and Diggs runs an Out. Touchdown.


This is a concept teams do a lot in the league, they isolate the running back in empty(zero running backs in the backfield) and force a Line Backer to cover because they feel the running back will win the match up, and the running backs will typically run slants. The under routes(Laquon Treadwell) are typically not too complex because most running back won’t have a route tree to run. This play is great if the Vikings need to move the ball quick and get the ball out of Cousins hands.