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Highlight Video: 50 Greatest Plays of the Mike Zimmer Era

Another outstanding video to make Vikings fans happy.

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve got another pretty outstanding video from the artist known as “funkydunkleman” for your viewing pleasure, and I think this one is one you’re really going to enjoy.

It’s hard to believe that Mike Zimmer has been the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings for just five seasons, but those five years have been pretty memorable ones. This video puts together the 50 Greatest Plays from the Mike Zimmer era.

This video has damn near everything you’d want and more. We’ve got regular season plays, postseason plays. . .heck, there’s even a play from the preseason on there. (SPOILER: The preseason play is the first one in the video.) There’s running plays, passing plays, defensive plays, and special teams plays. You’ll see a lot of current players, and you’ll also see a lot of old friends. Just about any huge play the Vikings have had for the last five seasons is in this video.

Now, I’m not sure if they’re in the video in any particular order or anything, other than the last play on the package being exactly the one you’d expect it to be. But, it’s nearly 14 minutes of happiness for fans of the Minnesota Vikings, so I encourage everyone to give it a watch.