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Greatest Playoff Win of All Time Tournament, Game 5

This should be easy

Divisional Round - New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Our Greatest Playoff Win Tournament of All Time is halfway through the first round, as we’ve finished the top bracket. Today, our number two seeded playoff win takes center stage to kickoff the lower bracket. I’ll give some highlights of each game, and I’ll put a poll at the end. The poll will be open for about 24 hours, you guys get to vote, and the winner by popular vote will advance. Today, our tournament continues with our next playoff win match up: the 2017 Divisional playoff game against New Orleans versus the 1998 Divisional playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals.

2017 Divisional Playoff game against the Saints: This game can be summed up in seven words:


It is, without question, the most iconic moment and most improbable win in Vikings playoff history. I want to see just one Super Bowl win before I die, don’t get me wrong. But, this was special. When you add in the opponent, and the lingering bitterness we had over the 2009 NFC Championship...look, I’ve experienced the rush of pure, unadulterated sports euphoria 4 times in my life:

1991 World Series, game 7.

2003 Fiesta Bowl, Ohio State v. Miami for the National Championship

2015 Sugar Bowl, Ohio State v. Alabama, CFP Semi-final

This game.

1998 Divisional playoff against the Cardinals. When compiling the bottom 2-3 games to include in this, I felt the 1998 team had to be included. Yeah...we all know how it ended...but they just eviscerated the Cardinals in the divisional round. The Vikes pretty much imposed their will on the Cardinals, and whipped them 41-21. Randy Moss had a touchdown, Robert Smith ran for 124 yards, and Leroy Hoard added another 44 yards and two touchdowns. This team just looked unstoppable. Damn it all.


Which was the better playoff victory?

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  • 90%
    2017 Divisional game against the Saints
    (510 votes)
  • 9%
    1998 Divisional game against the Cardinals
    (54 votes)
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