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How much would you pay to sit in the Vikings “War Room” on draft day?

Because, apparently, it isn’t cheap

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Each year, during the televised coverage of the NFL Draft, we usually get several shots of team “war rooms,” where all the team brass and scouts are gathered to talk about which player the team should take with their selection. It’s the sort of thing that’s not generally open to the public, but one team is apparently changing that.

According to Jared Dubin of CBS Sports, the San Francisco 49ers have auctioned off the opportunity for two of their fans to hang out in the War Room on draft day, and they’re paying a pretty penny for the privilege. The winning bid was for $22,000, and the entire amount will be going to the 49ers Foundation, the team’s primary charity.

Now, the story doesn’t specify how much time the fans get to spend in the War Room, whether it’s just the first round or if they get to hang out for all three days of the 2019 NFL Draft, but I think it would still be a pretty awesome experience.

I’m curious as to how much fans of the Minnesota Vikings would be willing to pay for an opportunity to sit in the War Room on Draft Day, listen to the conversations among Rick Spielman, Mike Zimmer, the rest of the coaches and the scouts, and gain some truly unique insight into how the proverbial sausage is made. I mean, obviously none of us have $22,000 laying around. . .at least, I assume that none of us do.

But, if you were given the opportunity, how much would you be willing to fork out to hang out in the heart of the Twin Cities Orthopedic Performance Center and get the inside scoop on how the purple do their thing during the draft?