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2019 SB Nation Community Mock Draft: Vikings

Michigan v Penn State Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

SB Nation has been holding live mock drafts annually for several years. It originally started at the SB Nation site called Mocking the Draft but then moved to other blogs that graciously had some members who hosted, tracked, and moderated the event. Last year Behind The Steel Curtain held the event and Music City Miracles has sponsored a couple of years. There probably were some others too but I cannot remember.

This year the event was graciously sponsored by our friends over at Big Cat Country. We did the first round on Saturday March 23rd starting at noon. We did the second and third rounds Sunday March 24th starting at noon. It was interesting if you like doing mocks.

This year they allowed player trades and future picks trades which adds more to track. Some might say it adds more to the silliness which is fine. I think it is cool since it is just for fun anyway.

The Vikings started with picks 1.18, 2.18, 3.17, 4.18, 6.17, 6.36, 7.33, & 7.36.

Since they allowed player trades I offered up Waynes and Griffen to see what the offers might be.

I only received one reasonable offer for Waynes which I accepted.


Trae Waynes & the 6th round pick #190 to the Arizona Cardinals for their 4th round pick #103 (top of the 4th), 6th round pick #179, and a future 2020 5th with no conditions.

This trade obviously is not popular and I floated it in the open thread to get the feedback. It was not well received but it also was already done. Kind of interesting that many believe he is worth a 2nd round pick from low to high or at least a 3rd round pick. But none of the other GMs participating needing corners would offer anything. They are just fans so what do they know. Just like me really and I know very little obviously.

But I like this trade. The Vikings basically get a comp pick now plus an extra 5th and moved up 11 spots in the 6th. They save 9 mil in cap space that can be used in various ways or not used and carried over to 2020.

I sent an email to the Patriots who had a lot of picks to see if they were interested in trading. The GM said they were looking for a corner and a receiver. I probably should have hit him up about Waynes because I am not sure the GM saw the comment where I said he was available. But I assume the GM did see the comment because there was a pre-draft trade thread.

I offered him Treadwell and much to my surprise, he wanted him. We agreed on this trade ...


Laquan Treadwell, a 6th round pick #179 (from the Cardinals), & a 7th round pick #247 for their 3rd round comp pick #101 & 7th round pick #243.

Needless to say I was elated.

I thought I was done but then, out of the blue the Bills GM sent me an offer of his 3rd & 6th round picks for Griffen. I had to accept that deal which was ...


Everson Griffen for the Bills 3rd round pick #74 and 6th round pick #181.

After these three most unlikely trades at this point before the draft, I totally get that many of you will stop reading now. :)

So when the draft started had picks 1.18, 2.18, 3.10, 3.38, 4.1, 4.18, 6.8, 6.36, 7.29, & 7.36.

Here is the draft tracker ...

As the first round was unfolded I was sending out floaters about moving up.

The Redskins offered 15 & 153 for 18 & 81 which I said I would consider depending on who is on the board.

The Dolphins GM offered 13 for 18, 81, & 209 which I said was probably too steep but I would consider.

I was willing to move up for Montez Sweat but he was long gone so I stayed put.

Here is how the picks went ...

1. Arizona Cardinals: Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma

2. San Francisco 49ers: Nick Bosa EDGE Ohio State

3. New York Jets: Quinnen Williams DT Alabama

4. Oakland Raiders: Josh Allen EDGE Kentucky

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Devin White ILB LSU

6. New York Giants: Montez Sweat EDGE Miss State

7. Jacksonville Jaguars: Brian Burns EDGE FSU

8. Detroit Lions: TJ Hockenson TE Iowa

9. Buffalo Bills: Jeffery Simmons DT Miss State

10. Denver Broncos: Christian Wilkins DT Clemson

11. Tennessee Titans: (via CIN Ross) Ed Oliver DT Houston

12. Green Bay Packers: Noah Fant TE Iowa

13. Miami Dolphins: Jawaan Taylor OT Florida

14. Atlanta Falcons: Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson

15. Washington Redskins: Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

16. Carolina Panthers: Andre Dillard OT Washington State

Up to this point it was a bit of a surprise as the defensive linemen were flying of the board and the top two tight ends went too. Two QBs, two OTs and one LB went as well.

I was also negotiating with the Texans and we had tentatively agreed upon this trade ...

Vikings send 18, 74, & 101 for the Texans 23, 55, & 86

But he was also negotiating with the Giants and they decided to trade out of #17 allowing the Texans to swoop in and take Jonah Williams who I most definitely would have taken. Bummer.

17. Houston Texans: (via NYG) Jonah Williams OT Alabama

So I was sitting there with these players available ...

Rashan Gary, Clelin Ferrell, DK Metcalf, Cody Ford, Dalton Risner, Garrett Bradbury, Greedy Williams, and Devin Bush.

It was a tough decision really. I had traded Griffen which some would say created a hole (I think Weatherly is capable but maybe will never get to Griffen’s level). Ford is one of the most popular player for the pick and the Vikings did meet with him. But with the Kline signing the only thing I could think about with him is moving O’Neill to left tackle and letting Ford play right tackle. I do not think they are paying Kline that much to be a backup. I am not sure that Ford is going to be able to move to left guard either.

A receiver and corner pick could get me banned but I like both picks and think they would be sneaky good actually considering Rhodes contract and Thielen wanting a raise. From a salary cap perspective Greedy or Metcalf makes a lot of sense.

But the way I look at drafts is to take what it gives you. This year that was the first pick ...

Pick 1.18

Rashan Gary DE Michigan

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Height - 6’4”

Weight - 277

Arms - 34 1/8 inches

Hands - 10 1/4 inches

40 Yard Dash - 4.58 Seconds

Bench Press - 26 Reps

Vertical Jump - 38.0 Inches

Broad Jump - 120.0 Inches

3 Cone Drill - 7.26 Seconds

20 Yd Shuttle - 4.29 Seconds

He’s explosive out of the blocks and in closing to the quarterback, and is just waiting for hand development and additional rush moves. His size, strength and motor could make him a plus run defender in short order. He has elite potential if a defensive coordinator can harness the energy and focus his approach.

Gary is an athletic freak for his size and Andre Patterson would be drooling to get to groom him into being the best that he can be. Gary and Hunter seems like a great set of ends to have for the next 5 years or so.

There is no way that I can see the Vikings passing on Gary even if Griffen is still here. I would be shocked if they did pass on him but they passed on Myles Jack so it is possible.

So, now I am worried a little about the offensive line situation. Many fans feel the same situation that occurred last year could occur again if the Vikings pass on an offensive lineman in the 1st. The Vikings did get Kline which means they really only need one spot to fill and Aviante Collins could be that player right now. I believe he was going to start at left guard last season if he did not get hurt. They were playing him almost the entire game for the first 3 pre-season games mainly at left guard. If they did have someone else in mind they sure did a good job of hiding that player from us.

The rest of the picks until #29 went like this ...

19. Cincinnati Bengals: (via TEN Ross) Devin Bush Jr MLB Michigan

20. Pittsburgh Steelers: Greedy Wiliams CB LSU

21. Seattle Seahawks: Clelin Ferrell EDGE Clemson

22. Baltimore Ravens: DK Metcalf WR Ole Miss

23.New York Giants: (via HOU) Cody Ford OT Oklahoma

24. Oakland Raiders: (via CHI) Deandre Baker CB Georgia

25. Denver Broncos: (via PHI) Drew Lock QB Missouri

26. Indianapolis Colts: Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma

27. Oakland Raiders: (via DAL) Joshua Jacobs RB Alabama

28. Los Angeles Chargers: Jerry Tillery DT Notre Dame

During these picks I was putting out feelers to teams at the bottom of the 1st round to see if I could trade back in. The Chiefs GM reached out and said if I wanted to trade #50 and a future 1st he would give up #29 since someone took Jeffrey Simmons already.

I was very intrigued because this is the exact kind of move I would like to see Spielman take in the draft this year especially since he should have at least one extra 3rd round comp pick next year.

I told the Chiefs GM that I was a bit uncomfortable giving up a 1st though. I would like to believe the first would be low but you never know. A lot of risk if the pick is in the teens again.

I offered him this deal which he accepted.

Draft Trade 1

Vikings send #50, #101 (which I got from the Patriots for Treadwell), and a 2020 2nd for the Chiefs #29 pick.

So now I am back on the clock with these players available ...

Dalton Risner, Garrett Bradbury, Brian Murphy, Chris Lindstrom, N’Keal Harry, and Greg Little.

It came down to Risner vs Bradbury. Bradbury has risen up the draft boards during the pre-draft stuff and it looks to be well deserved. He seems like the perfect fit and played left guard too. But I think he would be great at center and the Vikings have Elflein there who I do not believe they are moving.

Risner brings the ability to play center as well as tackle and many believe he is able to play guard. I like and see him as the future right tackle. That is where I would play him. I would move O’Neill to left tackle which he played at Pitt. So the pick was ...

Pick 1.29

Dalton Risner OT Kansas State

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice-North John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Height - 6’5”

Weight - 312

Arms - 34 inches

Hands - 10 1/4 inches

40 Yard Dash - 5.3 Seconds

Bench Press - 23 Reps

Vertical Jump - 28.5 Inches

Broad Jump - 110.0 Inches

3 Cone Drill - 7.69 Seconds

20 Yd Shuttle - 4.52 Seconds

He possesses average length and athletic ability, but with enough tape consumption, it becomes clear he has the necessary tools to get guys blocked on the NFL level. Risner is the same player on every snap with core strength, body control, and strong hands, allowing him to succeed on a relatively consistent basis. His position flexibility (started at right tackle and center) and play traits mirror those of former KSU standout Cody Whitehair. Risner will need to prove he can handle NFL edge speed, but a move inside could be a failsafe option for him.

I think this pick could be second guessed for sure but I look at the Reiff deal and the chances he is gone next year and it just makes too much sense.

The first round ended with these picks ...

30. Green Bay Packers: (via NO) Mack Wilson ILB Alabama

31. Los Angeles Rams: Byron Murphy CB Washington

32. New England Patriots: Zach Allen DE Boston College

That ended a long first day I have to say I was happy with the results.

I traded Griffen and was able to get an outstanding replacement and I used two extra picks to get Risner. I am OK with that since one of those picks came from the Treadwell trade.

The cap space saved from the trades is 16.246 mil. That can go a long ways towards giving Thielen a raise and extending a couple of players like Alexander (7.5 to 9 mil per year) and Morgan (4 to 6 mil per year).

When day two started I had to sit and sweat out the 2nd round. I wont list the picks here but the link to all the picks is above.

Bradbury went #41 so I could have stayed put and then tried to trade up from #50 to #40 using the #101 pick and that likely gets it done. But that assumes that these players would have lasted and the other GMs would have wanted to trade which I had no idea. The Jags took Cajuste at #38 and they may have taken Risner instead.

The Packers took Lindstrom at 44. I could have stayed put and taken Greg Little or Erik McCoy at #50 too. That would have saved #101 and the future 2nd.

Always what ifs.

When it came time for pick #74, I did not get offers to trade down but put out some feelers about moving up a few spots depending on who was available. Just a few spots and the price was not worth it to me.

At #74 I was looking at Elgton Jenkins, Connor McGovern, Gerald Willis, Khalen Suanders, and some corners.

But to my surprise, there was one player who I viewed as the best player available that I could not pass up. The pick was ...

Pick 3.10

Daniel Jones QB Duke

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Duke Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Height - 6’5”

Weight - 221

Arms - 32 1/2 inches

Hands - 9 3/4 inches

40 Yard Dash - 4.81 Seconds

Bench Press - DNP

Vertical Jump - 33 Inches

Broad Jump - 120.0 Inches

3 Cone Drill - 7.0 Seconds

20 Yd Shuttle - 4.41 Seconds

Three-year starter who operates with a rare level of quality mechanics coming from the college game. Jones doesn’t have special arm talent, but he can make pro throws and has the ability to attack deep with accuracy. He completed just 59.9 percent of his career passes, but his receivers -- who dropped 38 passes this year alone -- really struggled to get open at times. Jones has good football IQ and is relatively mobile, but he appears to be more of a game manager than “franchise” talent. He’s more of a Day 2 draft pick than Day 1.

The reviews on Jones are mixed. Some love him and some think that he is just OK. I watched their games and he did not have the greatest of weapons that is for sure. Murray and Haskins both had an outstanding supporitng cast from the line to the receivers and backs. Lock and Grier had better weapons.

Jones was doing a lot of calls at the line of scrimmage as well. There is just too much upside and the Manning connection and his coach Daivd Cutliffe (who is really good) is being dismissed for no apparent reason. Those are good things for a player to have had access and help. Why it is being considered a detriment by some is a mystery.

He is too good and the Vikings cannot put all their eggs in the Cousins basket. Plus all they have is Sloter on the roster and they need to bring in competition for him too. This would be great competition for him. Even if they bring in a veteran it will be for cheap and that player may not make the team based on who is left out there.

Yep, there is no way I was going to pass on the gift.

At about the same time I was making this pick the Rams GM wanted to trade up and I accepted.

Draft Trade 2

The Rams received pick #81 and the Vikings received pick #94 and #133.

I was sweating it out a bit from #81 until #94 to be honest. Some surprise players came off the board like Blake Cashman, Kahale Warring, Tytus Howard, and Isaiah Johnson. Some probable players came off like Elgton Jenkins, Connor McGovern, and Gerald Willis.

At pick #94 there were 3 players I liked and I chose ...

Pick 3.30

Michael Deiter OG Wisconsin

NCAA Football: Purdue at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Height - 6’5”

Weight - 309

Arms - 33 1/8 inches

Hands - 10 3/4 inches

40 Yard Dash - 5.23 Seconds

Bench Press - 21 Reps

Vertical Jump - 28.0 Inches

Broad Jump - 105.0 Inches

3 Cone Drill - 7.88 Seconds

20 Yd Shuttle - 4.81 Seconds

Durable, capable guard/center prospect who knows how to play the game but might lack the athletic elements needed to become a full-time starter on the next level. Dieter’s experience in a variety of pro-style rushing schemes and his overall technique work are in his favor while his experience across the line offer flexibility that could lock him into an NFL roster as an early backup with the potential to step in and start if needed.

Not a terribly glowing review but Dieter is solid as a rock. I like the fact that he has played center, left tackle, and left guard. I see him as a left guard all the way. But one thing I value in linemen is the ability to play (and the actual playing) of other spots on the line. Don’t know why he is not highly regarded but the Wisconsin pipeline of offensive linemen is solid. Not every lineman is going to be a high draft pick like Josh Kline for example. Kline was an UDFA and managed to earn 13.692 mil before signing the nice deal with the Vikings.

So that is how March 24th and the 3rd round ended.

The schedule for the rest of the draft was ...

Rounds 4 & 5 are on Saturday March 30th and Rounds 6 & 7 are on Sunday March 31st.

During the week I received an offer to trade #4.18 to the Redskins for 5.15 & 5.35 which I accepted.

Heading into the rest of the draft I had these remaining picks ...

4.1, 4.31, 5.15, 5.35, 6.8, 6.36, 7.29, & 7.36.

I was putting out feelers all week to see if some team wanted to trade up to the top of the 4th after having about 6 days to think it over. I did not get any responses until right before round 4 started and they were offers to move too far down.

So, I was trying to decide between Renell Wren, Emmanuel Hall, JoeJuan Williams, Terry McLaurin, & MeCole Hardman.

I chose ...

Pick 4.1

Joejuan Williams CB Vanderbilt

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Height - 6’3.5”

Weight - 211

Arms - 32 1/2 inches

Hands - 9 3/4 inches

40 Yard Dash - 4.55 Seconds *

Bench Press - 17 Reps

Vertical Jump - 36.0 Inches

Broad Jump - 127.0 Inches

3 Cone Drill - DNP

20 Yd Shuttle - DNP

*at pro day he improved and his starts at the combine were the reason for the 4.64

Long press corner who has shown an ability to use his size and aggression as a zealot in contested catch battles. While he has traits to build upon, the Georgia game shined a light on his press inefficiency, lack of speed and inconsistent ball skills with his back to the quarterback. Coaching and scheme can improve or cover some of those areas, but the early results could be a bit uneven. If the technique catches up with the traits, the play demeanor and talent should make him a solid NFL starter.

He seems like a perfect corner for Zimmer’s defense and has the luxury of not having to play right away (hopefully).

As the picks were unfolding in round 4, I was trying to trade up to get a WR that I wanted. But the price was too steep as the other GMs were holding steady.

At the next pick I chose ...

Pick 4.31

Bryce Love RB Stanford

NCAA Football: San Diego State at Stanford Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Height - 5’8.7”

Weight - 200

Arms - 29 3/8 inches

Hands - 9 1/8 inches

Frenetic runner with explosive engine that was grounded in 2018 due to lingering injury and substandard run-blocking. Love lacks the desired size of a volume runner, but his sudden burst and top-end speed offer home-run potential that is unlikely to be ignored by teams looking to add a big-play option into their offense. Love could find his calling in a time-share situation, but his ceiling as a pro might rest on his ability to run with decisiveness and threaten as a pass-catcher.

Love had surgery Dec 18, 2018 and is unlikely to play next season. In October it will be 10 months so there is no need to rush him. May as well let him red-shirt like Greenway did and Jeffrey Simmons may do as well. Love won the Doak Walker award in 2017 and finished 2nd in the Heisman voting that year to Baker Mayfield. He was phenomenal in 2017. He was a great track athlete as a youngster and held (or holds) some records ...

• USATF 11-12 year-old boys national record holder in 100m (11.64), 200m (23.37) and 400m (50.75)

• USATF 13-14 year-old boys national record holder in 100m (10.73) and 200m (21.83)

Needless to say when he returns he is going to still be super fast. And he is an excellent kick returner too.

Probably could have went a different direction with this pick but since I picked up an extra pick I said why not?

At the next pick, I was thinking about a LB or a TE. Many of the best tight ends came off the board before the 3rd round pick of Deiter. Josh Oliver went one pick after. So I chose ...

Pick 5.15

Caleb Wilson TE UCLA

Washington v UCLA Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Height - 6’4.2”

Weight - 240

Arms - 33 inches

Hands - 9 3/4 inches

40 Yard Dash - 4.56 Seconds

Bench Press - DNP

Vertical Jump - 29 Inches

Broad Jump - 103.0 Inches

3 Cone Drill - 7.20 Seconds

20 Yd Shuttle - 4.40 Seconds

Wilson is a bit of a polarizing prospect. Some like him and some not so much. But a tight end that can run 4.56 is going to be quite the receiving weapon IMHO. He will hit the weights and get stronger over time but as long as he can get down the seam he could be pretty good. I wanted a fast tight end. The Vikings currently have 3 that run 4.8 or slower.

At the next pick I chose ...

Pick 5.35

Ty Summers LB TCU

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Height - 6’1.3”

Weight - 241

Arms - 31 1/2 inches

Hands - 10 inches

40 Yard Dash - 4.51 Seconds

Bench Press - 27 Reps

Vertical Jump - 36.0 Inches

Broad Jump - 123.0 Inches

3 Cone Drill - 6.84 Seconds

20 Yd Shuttle - 4.12 Seconds

Summers looked great in position drills, which should come as no surprise to anyone. He oozes athleticism on film, and you see Summers 30 yards downfield making plays in coverage as regularly as you see him at the line of scrimmage tackling running backs.

Summers, who could end up landing in the fourth round, met with the Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints.

If properly coached, Summers will be a steal in this year’s draft.

At the next pick I chose ...

Pick 6.8

Antoine Wesley WR Texas Tech

Houston v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Height - 6’4.1”

Weight - 206

Arms - 34 inches

Hands - 9 3/4 inches

40 Yard Dash - 4.55 Seconds?

Bench Press - 6 Reps

Vertical Jump - 37.0 Inches

Broad Jump - 107.0 Inches

3 Cone Drill - 6.84 Seconds

20 Yd Shuttle - 4.26 Seconds

Wesley has great hands and I am not sure about his 40 time but he seems like he would be a good weapon in the red zone.At this point I wanted a receiver and did not want to wait any longer.

At the next pick I chose ...

Pick 6.36

Greg Gaines DT Washington

NCAA Football: Utah at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Height - 6’1”

Weight - 312

Arms - 31 1/42 inches

Hands - 9 5/8 inches

40 Yard Dash - 5.16 Seconds

Bench Press - 30 Reps

Vertical Jump - 31.0 Inches

Broad Jump - 99.0 Inches

3 Cone Drill - DNP

20 Yd Shuttle - DNP

Gaines would be a nice addition and he is solid against the run. Very solid. Last year he managed 3.5 sacks. One comparison is Kyle Williams.

At the next pick I chose ...

Pick 7.29

Sheldrick Redwine S Miami

NCAA Football: Virginia at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Height - 6’0”

Weight - 196

Arms - 31 3/4 inches

Hands - 9 3/8 inches

40 Yard Dash - 4.44 Seconds

Bench Press - DNP

Vertical Jump - 39.0 Inches

Broad Jump - 130.0 Inches

3 Cone Drill - DNP

20 Yd Shuttle - 4.14 Seconds

The Vikings only have 3 safeties on the roster so adding one more with a lot of speed is a must. The Vikings like a couple of other safeties and I could have chose one. Mike Bell. But his speed is a huge concern.

At the next pick I chose ...

Pick 7.36

Penny Hart WR Georgia State

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice-North John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Height - 5’8”

Weight - 180

Arms - 31 inches

Hands - 9 1/8 inches

40 Yard Dash - 4.45 Seconds?

Hart brings a lot to the table and has punt return abilities. With Sherels gone to the Saints, bringing in competition for Beebe is not a bad idea at all.

We got to select 4 UDFAs after and I chose ...

Vikings UDFAs

Mike Bell S Fresno State

Bunchy Stallings G Kentucky

PJ Johnson DL Arizona

Tim Harris CB Virginia

It was a long mock draft to say the least but kind of fun. Obviously the player trades were unlikely but I think they are kind of cool if they make sense.

If I eliminate the Waynes and Griffen trades then I don’t get Jones, Williams, and I would have had to give up the 2020 1st or the 4th round pick to get Risner. Things would have been much different.

Well, there it is. Another live mock draft in the books and totally crazy.

In review ...

Traded Waynes to the Cardinals

Traded Griffen to the Bills

Traded Treadwell to the Patriots

1.18 Rashan Gary DE Michigan

1.29 Dalton Risner OT Kansas State

3.10 Daniel Jones QB Duke

3.30 Michael Dieter OG Wisconsin

4.1 Joejuan Williams CB Vanderbilt

4.31 Bryce Love RB Standford

5.15 Caleb Wilson TE UCLA

5.35 Ty Summers LB TCU

6.8 Antoine Wesley WR Texas Tech

6.36 Greg Gaines DT Washington

7.29 Sheldrick Redwine S Miami

7.36 Penny Hart WR Georgia State

Adding 12 players to the roster seems impossible since this roster is supposedly loaded and right there ready to compete for the whole enchilada (despite not making the playoffs last year).

But with 3 players traded and one draftee likely being on IR all year, it is only adding 8 players to the roster.

Plus, the cap space now should be around 18.9 mil going off the current spotrac amount of 2.668 mil.

The Vikings would still be able to sign a TJ Yeldon, Spencer Ware, Ndamukong Suh, Tim Jernigan, Corey Liuget, Pierre Garcon, Michael Crabtree, Capt Munnerlyn, Morris Claiborne, Kurt Coleman, or Tre Boston to name a few.

If you read all of this then you may consider seeking some help. :)