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San Francisco man swindles Vikings in luxury suite scam

The team estimates that they lost around $70,000

NFL: New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

It would appear that, if you’re just willing to write a couple of bad checks, you can get yourself into a luxury suite at U.S. Bank Stadium.

This is, reportedly, what happened in the case of Daniel Escamilla, a San Francisco man that signed a contract with the Minnesota Vikings to rent out a suite at U.S. Bank Stadium for the 2018 season. After signing the contract, the team informed Escamilla that the check he had used to pay for the suite was returned because the account it was connected with was closed.

Escamilla apologized. . .then went ahead and wrote nearly a quarter of a million dollars in additional bad checks to rent suites at the stadium as well.

Overall, the Vikings estimate that they lost around $70,000 because of Escamilla’s scam. He has been charged with three counts of theft by swindle, and there is a warrant out for his arrest. At the present time, however, Escamilla’s whereabouts are unknown.

I recall that it was noted American philosopher Jeff Foxworthy who once said, “A check? Sure, I can write you a check. Hell, I thought you wanted money!” While it might sound like a good idea, it’s not the sort of thing that I would advise anyone that really, really wants to get a luxury suite at U.S. Bank Stadium. You should probably just go ahead and sneak into someone else’s party, sitcom style.*

* - I don’t actually advise this, either.