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Matt Birk to open new school in Burnsville

They’re hoping to have 25 students in the first year

Don Shula High School Coach Of The Year Press Conference Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

There’s a new school that will be opening up in Burnsville this fall, and a former Minnesota Vikings great is part of the team behind it.

According to KARE-11 in Minneapolis, former Vikings’ center Matt Birk. . .who, if you’re not already aware, went to Harvard. . .will be opening up a new Catholic high school in Burnsville this fall. Unity High School will open its doors to ninth grade students this year, and will continue to add a new grade each year until they are a full 9-12 grade high school.

Part of the curriculum at the school will feature an interesting. . .and, quite frankly, pretty smart. . .twist.

“We’re a liberal arts plus math and science curriculum. We will do that Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. But on Wednesdays we call it “Real World Wednesdays” where we won’t do any of the traditional academics. We will focus on leadership, on character. We’ve partnered with an amazing organization called Pursuit Academy which teaches ethical entrepreneurship,” Birk explained.

There will also be hands-on classes like woodshop and home economics. Students will learn everything from how to cook a meal to how to change a flat tire. Birk said the classes are meant to help students prepare for whatever path they choose to take.

Birk has said that the school hopes to have 25 students in its first year.

I’m not sure if we’ve got anyone in the Burnsville area that knows any more than what the story from KARE-11 provides, but I certainly can’t find fault with Birk for wanting to provide a solid education for teenagers in the local community.