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2019 NFL Draft Trades: Vikings trade with Baltimore Ravens

Rick Spielman is drunk

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Rick Spielman has apparently scratched his trade itch, as the Minnesota Vikings have traded down for the fourth consecutive time.

The Vikings have traded Pick #29 in the third round, #93 overall, to the Baltimore Ravens. In exchange, the Vikings have received Pick #39 in the third round, #102 overall, the final pick of Day 2, as well as a pair of sixth-round selections, #17 in the sixth round (#191 overall), and #19 in the sixth round (#193 overall).

The Ravens then used their selection in Notre Dame wide receiver Miles Boykin.

For crying out loud, can Rick Spielman just pick someone already? I think he’s hit the limit for trade downs at this point.

Again, regardless of what the Vikings decide to do here, or throughout the rest of the draft, we will have all of the coverage of it right here at The Daily Norseman. Even if Rick Spielman decides to keep trading down all damn night.

Which, all things considered, he just might.