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2019 NFL Draft Day 2: Start time, channel, radio, streaming and more

We’re just getting started here on Draft Weekend, folks!

NFL Draft Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The first day of the three-day extravaganza that is the 2019 NFL Draft is in the books, but we’ve still got two more days of selections left to go. Well, and the undrafted free agent frenzy that happens after that, but the actual draft itself still has two more days remaining.

So, how can you follow along with all of the action from Nashville and talk about it with your fellow Minnesota Vikings fans? Well, that’s what we’re here to tell you. Let’s get to it.

When does Day 2 of the NFL Draft get started?

Things are going to kick off a little earlier for Friday’s action than they did for Thursday’s. Things will get started at 6:00 PM Central time, which is an hour earlier than when Day 1 got going.

What channels can I find the draft on?

Once again, the draft will be on the NFL Network, ESPN, and ABC.

You can also watch it on, with the WatchESPN app, or at

If you’re not near a television set, you can find it on satellite radio on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Channel 88. I’m sure that there are many local radio affiliates that will be carrying it somewhere as well.

What picks do the Vikings have on Day 2?

As of now, the Vikings have two selections on the second day of the 2019 NFL Draft. As things stand right now, they have the 18th pick in Round 2, which is #50 overall, and the 17th pick in Round 3, which is #81 overall.

What else is different about Day 2?

Well, for starters, the amount of time allotted for each pick decreases. In Round 2, teams are only given seven minutes to turn in their selections (down from the 10 minutes they receive in Round 1), and in Round 3 there are only five minutes between picks. So, while there are more picks on Day 2 than on Day 1, they come in a more rapid-fire fashion.

Also, the Day 2 picks are announced by former players for each NFL team. The Vikings will be represented by defensive end Carl Eller, who will announce the team’s second-round pick, and tight end Steve Jordan, who will call out the third-round selection.

What will The Daily Norseman be doing for Day 2 of the 2019 NFL Draft?

Basically the same thing that we did today. We’ll have a new Open Discussion Thread for each round of the draft, and when the Vikings get their picks in, we will attempt to have a quick analysis and other things for your reading pleasure as soon as we are able to get them on the site. The Open Thread for Round 2 will go up about half an hour before things get underway, which is about 5:30 PM Central, and the Open Thread for Round 3 will hit the site as soon as Round 2 ends.

We hope that a lot of you will come by and join us for Day 2 of the 2019 NFL Draft! Hopefully it goes as well for the purple as Day 1 appears to have gone.