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Re-living round 1 - The GMG 2019 Draft Party LIVE!

Good Morning Gjallarhorn does the NFL Draft.

Good morning Horners! If you want to laugh, and relive last night, you can watch round one of the 2019 NFL draft as presented live by the old men of Good Morning Gjallarhorn. We also had a few special guests: Ed, from the Skoldiers podcast, Darren “Soup” Campbell from the far northeast of Canada [and the old KickAss Blog] representing our friends north of the border, and the Grand Poobah, Christopher Gates. Fans from the Daily Norseman, Climbing The Pocket, and Facebook all gathered and watched the YouTube live event. It was a blast!

What a night last night! Our beloved Minnesota Vikings selected Garrett Bradbury (@Gbradbury_11) with the #18 overall pick. The draft board fell absolutely beautifully to give Rick Spielman, Mike Zimmer, and Gary Kubiak a wide variety of options. The Vikings went on the clock at around the 2:19:00 mark. Ted Glover, Drew Bunting and myself started out the GMG live draft party and joked about what happens if Greedy Williams was available, and he was. Thankfully, so was Bradbury. Heck, Greedy is still available going into round two. LOL. “But so are some more offense of lineman, Dave!”

Everyone that partook and chatted with us online, I want to give a big shout out. You all rock! To everyone else, what did you think of the Vikings selection?

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As always, enjoy the watch!