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CBS Sports names Garrett Bradbury as one of the first round’s “Winners”

A perfect marriage of talent and need, it appears

NFL Draft Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

When it comes to the NFL Draft process, there are generally two crowds: one that advocates drafting for need, and one that advocates for simply drafting the mythical “best player available” (who, inevitably, almost always seems to line up with a need). The best picks, generally, are the ones where talent and need meet in perfect harmony, much like chocolate and peanut butter.

According to Will Brinson of CBS Sports, that’s what happened last night with the Minnesota Vikings’ selection of North Carolina State center Garrett Bradbury. Brinson put together a list of some of the winners and losers from Thursday night, and Bradbury was placed firmly into the “Winner” category.

Here’s what Brinson had to say about him:

There is no doubt that Bradbury was a first-round prospect in this draft. But the question was how would he fit in terms of landing spots. Bradbury needed to find a zone-blocking team that had a void at center and buddy did he get it. The Vikings hired Gary Kubiak this offseason, which means we should expect to see a heavy focus on a zone-blocking scheme. Bradbury ran almost exclusively zone-blocking schemes at NC State, meaning we’re talking about a plug-and-play center that should boost the offensive line around him. Pat Elflein can slide over to guard and this could be a decent offensive line. A healthy Dalvin Cook could be a monster with an improved running game and Kirk Cousins should be thrilled at the first-round outcome here.

As we’ve said since the selection was made last night, Bradbury appears to have been the right pick for the Vikings, and someone that can immediately plug into the middle of the offensive line and upgrade things significantly. Now it’s time to hope that the Vikings can keep this positive momentum going throughout Friday and Saturday of draft weekend.