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2019 NFL Draft: What picks do the Minnesota Vikings have now, anyway?

It took a little bit of sorting out, but we now have the complete list

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Rick annoyed me a bit there at the end, so I’m using the Ted picture for him
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Things were going relatively peacefully for the Minnesota Vikings and their fans in Round 2 of the 2019 NFL Draft. The Vikings had made their first two selections with little to no excitement, and it appeared they were on track to do the same in Round 3.

Then, Rick Spielman decided to flip out or do whatever it is that Rick Spielman does.

He made a trade with the Detroit Lions.

Then he made a trade with the Seattle Seahawks.

Then he made a trade with the New York Jets.

And then he topped things off by making a trade with the Baltimore Ravens.

By the time the dust settled and the smoke cleared after those four consecutive trade downs, the Vikings found themselves sitting with a total of twelve draft picks, including a whopping nine on Day 3, which gets underway at 11:00 AM Central time tomorrow.

So, what does the Vikings’ draft card look like as things stand right now? Here’s the entire list.

  • Round 1, Pick #18 (#18 overall) - Garrett Bradbury, C, North Carolina State
  • Round 2, Pick #18 (#50 overall) - Irv Smith, Jr., TE, Alabama
  • Round 3, Pick #39 (#102 overall) - Alexander Mattison, RB, Boise State
  • Round 4, Pick #18 (#120 overall)
  • Round 5, Pick #21 (#159 overall, from Seattle Seahawks)
  • Round 6, Pick #17 (#190 overall)
  • Round 6, Pick #18 (#191 overall, from Tennessee Titans via Baltimore Ravens)
  • Round 6, Pick #20 (#193 overall, from Baltimore Ravens)
  • Round 6, Pick #31 (#204 overall, from New England Patriots via Detroit Lions)
  • Round 7, Pick #3 (#217 overall, from New York Jets)
  • Round 7, Pick #33 (#247 overall, Compensatory)
  • Round 7, Pick #36 (#250 overall, Compensatory)

The Vikings now have seven selections spread out between the sixth and seventh rounds. Rick Spielman and company can either actually draft players with all of those picks, or they could use them as ammunition to attempt to move up if a guy they like is still hanging around.

After a slow start, it was a wild, wild finish to Day 2 of the 2019 NFL Draft for the Minnesota Vikings, and it could potentially lead to a pretty crazy Day 3. Whatever might happen, we’ll have all of the news and everything else for you right here as fast as we can put it up here.