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Report: Vikings have ‘gotten calls’ about trading Rudolph, Waynes, Rhodes

Day three could be even wilder than last night

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

After four trades in the third round, the last four rounds of the draft for the Minnesota Vikings could be even wilder, if you believe this nugget from NFL insider Albert Breer:

(Breer corrected the mis-spelling of Trae in a follow up tweet).

If this is legitimate...and I’m kinda dubious, it would seem that Rudolph would be the guy Minnesota would want to move first. They drafted TE Irv Smith in the second round, and a Rudolph trade would give the Vikings the cap relief needed to ensure they can sign all 372 draft picks that are currently on the books for them to select today.

But I’m not sure if this isn’t a rumor plant by someone within the Vikings, maybe even Spielman himself, looking to get someone to give him a fourth for Rudy. I would be okay with that deal now that they have Smith, but giving up Waynes or Rhodes for just a fourth? No, I would not be good with that at all. Now, if it’s another player involved, or maybe future second or third round picks, I might be on board, depending on who the team is and what the full deal was.

Stay tuned kids, because I have a feeling today is going to be nuts.