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2019 NFL Draft: Round 7 Discussion

The draft is nearly over, folks!

NFL Draft Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

We have almost completed the 2019 NFL Draft, as we are now moving into Round 7! The Vikings have four more picks left to make. . .if they do, in fact, make all of them. . .starting with the third pick of the round, #217 overall. They also have #239, #247, and #250.

The Vikings have already drafted eight players thus far, and they could add as many as four more. We’ll be banging out stuff on all of the prospects as quickly as we can, and you can also follow along with the Daily Norseman Twitter feed, which is embedded below.

We thank all of you that have gotten all of your coverage of the Minnesota Vikings’ 2019 NFL Draft right here, and we’ll also be putting up the Undrafted Free Agency tracker shortly after the draft reaches its conclusion.

The 2019 NFL Draft is almost finished, folks. Let’s hope the Vikings give us a strong finish here!