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Transcript: Conference Call with Minnesota Vikings seventh-round pick Kris Boyd

Speaking with the media in the Twin Cities for the first time

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Like all of the Minnesota Vikings’ other draft picks, Texas cornerback Kris Boyd got an opportunity to speak with the media in the Twin Cities via a conference call shortly after he was selected by the team on Saturday afternoon. The good folks from the Vikings’ PR Department have sent us a transcript of that call, and we wanted to take the opportunity to share that transcript with you. Enjoy!

I’m just thankful for this opportunity. Being in the position is a blessing. I’m just thankful. Thankful to the Vikings staff, all the coaches – ready to see my teammates and meet new friends, build new relationships and just be the best team player I can be.

Q: Can you describe your relationship with Holton Hill?

A: Yeah, that’s my brother.

Q: Did you commit to Texas at the same time?

A: Yeah, we actually committed to the University of Texas together at the same time on TV and it’s like being in this position and actually getting drafted with no control over it, I mean it’s all a blessing and I’m just thankful for it.

Q: Have you talked to him since you’ve been drafted?

A: Yeah, I called him.

Q: What did he say?

A: He was just happy for me. It’s crazy because 20-30 minutes before I got drafted me and him were on the phone together and we were just having a casual conversation not thinking nothing of it. We were just like if we had the opportunity to be drafted to the same team and then right after that happened me, him, and Devante [Davis], we had a three-way Facetime all smiling. It’s a blessing getting this opportunity. When you get that coming from where I come from, I’m just happy, ready to embrace it, and just show everybody what time of player I am.

Q: Knowing how Coach Zimmer is with DBs, what type of challenge is that for you?

A: I’m ready to get in there and be all ears, ready to learn as much as I can, become the best player at my position that I can be and I also got help with Hollywood [Holton Hill]. Y’all may know him as Holton, but Hollywood is what I call him. I mean just getting in there with him, staying in the film room, and getting along with coach. Just ready to be better than what I am and prove everybody wrong.

Q: You come from a football family, what’s it like watching their success?

A: I’m always happy for my friends and my family when they have success. He actually just walked in the door not too long ago, like a minute ago. It’s just a blessing and now I’m in the position and they’re happy for me. I’m just ready to do the same thing.

Q: What was it like waiting around to hear your name called? Did you feel like you were going to go higher?

A: Yeah, but I mean at the end of the day I told myself I’m not going to get myself worked up. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I was just chill. I’ve been chilling since yesterday doing my normal day-to-day routine, seeing my family and friends, everybody come over. I really wasn’t watching the draft because I didn’t want to think about it too much. I was turning it on when my phone was called because I’ve been chilling and embracing it at the same time. When I got the phone call I turned on the TV. I have the family come into the room and we all watched it. I mean it was a blessing, dream come true and I’m thankful for it.

Q: You returned kickoffs in college, have the Vikings approached you about possibly doing that?

A: We have not talked anything yet. I’m just ready to get down there and get to work.

Q: How important was Coach Jason Washington in tightening up your game?

A: Coach Washington is very important. I feel like he doesn’t get the recognition he needs. I feel like Coach Washington is a great coach and it really goes unnoticed. He came in and made an impact on me, Hollywood, and Devante quick. If you go back and look at the film when we were with Coach Strong and then go look when we were with them, the technique changed, everything changed and you can see it in the film.

Q: What contributes to your ability to play downhill and being so good against the run?

A: I just play football, honestly. All I want to be is competitive and win no matter what it is. The tackling is just me wanting to be competitive and win all the time. I can’t really explain it. Once the ball is snapped all I know is go.

Q: Can you talk about the quality of competition that you got to face and the scrappiness and grittiness it takes? How will that help you at the next level?

A: I’m pretty sure there’s faces that I’ve already seen before when I first got to college, just like the NFL. If it’s not I’ll just watch film and adjust. I feel like I’m prepared and I’m ready for it – every other style, all types of receivers and stuff like that. I’m just ready for this opportunity to get out there and play football again.

Q: Holton Hill is suspended for the first four games. How is he handling that situation?

A: Nobody’s perfect. Everybody makes mistakes and you’re going to be disciplined for it. It’s a mistake he made. He has to take that under the chin. Nobody’s perfect, like me, myself, I make mistakes and I take that under the chin. It is live and learn; you’re going to take that and run with it.