Game of Thrones Discussion: S8E3 (Spoilers within, you have been warned)

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Game of Thrones Discussion: S8E3 Battle of Winterfell

Welcome to the Game of Thrones discussion open thread. In this thread there will be a safe space for people to discuss the most recent episode of Game of Thrones with other fans of the show without the need to clog up the traditional open thread or be buried in spoilers.


I will attempt to update and publish this thread on Monday mornings with my thoughts about the current week's episode, and update with any interesting links I may find throughout the day. don't expect too much monologing from me though, as most of my thoughts come best in the comments section. I just plan to have enough words to be able to publish w/ the correct word count.


Here are my thoughts for the current episode, they're probably a bit hazy and I may have mis-remembered some details. I tend to drink a lot while watching this show.


wow... that episode was intense. I don't know if i've been that on edge for any episode of any show ever. I can't think of any movies i've been that on edge for. by the end of the show i was exhausted (which is why i'm up and at work before 7 ... you're welcome).

anyway ... my thoughts ... there was a lot going on in this episode, so mainly just random pieces of info. Are the dothraki gone? there were a few that came back but i think they no longer are going to be a part of the story. which kind of is sad in a way. Danaerys' last hold of her old world (other than Missendai of course). I'm glad to see most of the main characters survive.

I counted the following deaths: Dothraki, Lyanna Mormont (that was kind of fun to watch albeit a bit tacky. the producers said at the end, she was supposed to be a "one scene character" but b/c of fan interest and the good acting of the young actor, they brought her in, and she deserved a good death), Berrick Dondaryan, Jorah Mormont (does Danaerys give his sword back to Sam now?), the Night King, his army and dragon, theon (what's w/ people running in a straight line), and Millesandre (a bit of a redemption for her maybe? we like her again? no, ok ... well she died an old lady)

Ok, let's talk about arya ... shes' a badass. Sticke them w/ the pointy end. ok, good talk. seriously though, she easily was the most effective w/ her weapon, and looked great until she banged her head and had to run for it. I'm sad to see Berrick die and not have Thoros bring him back (seriously Millesandre, you couldn't even try?) but we noticed the only thing to get the hound to fight was Arya. I think he thinks of her a bit as a daughter now. that'll be fun to watch.

Anyone see the ending? gotta love the call backs from the first season. What do we say to the god of Death? ... Arya knew what she had to do, and it was subtle, but man was that BA.

Ok, that's all i've got. i missed a ton of stuff, but we can talk it all up in the comments.

Rules for the Game of Thrones thread:

1. You can discuss spoilers, but don't get mad at people for discussing spoilers if you aren't caught up
2. Keep the thread civil. we are all adults, people might have differing theories. keep the name calling in the other open thread
3. no non GOT discussion, including politics, religion, etc. (food and watch party plans can be included as long as it relates)
4. Despite being a risque show (boobs and swords) be smart, don't post anything NSFW.
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