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2019 NFL Draft: Mock Wars, Tedisode 7.0: The Mock Awakens

A long time ago ina galaxy far, far one did mock drafts

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Rick Spielman scoffs at mock drafts as they don’t have 11 seventh round picks.
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Hi gang, how are we on this Day Before Friday? Since we last did this most ridiculous of things, the Vikings further bolstered their line by re-signing G/C Brett Jones to a one year deal. I’m still puzzled as to why the Vikings traded for him, then didn’t play him at either center or guard much when all three guys playing said positions struggled mightily at times last season.

Still, though, the Vikings further addressed depth, and when the signing was reported, part of the reason Jones stayed with the Vikes is he’ll be given a chance to start. So that gives Minnesota two offensive linemen signings in free agency this year, and I wrote in other pieces that I felt that was the minimum number of guys they needed to sign if they were going to improve the play of that position group. Are they the right guys? We shall see.

So, let’s get on with this. If you care about previous mocks I’ve done, for some odd reason, and want to compare and contrast, the previous six are here:







But if you are a person imbued with common sense, self-worth, and dignity and want to skip those, please do. I would also quit reading here.

Oh, you’re still around. Okay. Cool, cool. Consider these the ground rules for how I do these mocks:

I’m not a professional scout, coach, or GM. I am, however, a Professional Idiot.

If you EVER get to the point where you think ‘man this guy is pretty sharp about drafting and stuff’ go back and read the previous sentence. Then talk to any member of my family, immediate or extended, and they’ll set you straight.

My methodology is fairly straightforward. I’m using Fanspeak’s On The Clock deluxe, high falutin’ draft simulator, that allows me to make and receive trade offers.

In formulating and/or accepting trades, I’m using the 2019 Drafttek Trade Value Chart. I know most teams don’t follow it to the number, and other trades include players, like the Percy Harvin trade a few years back. Trading players in this simulation isn’t an option, and you have to have some kind of baseline, so this is mine:

Now that free agency has essentially concluded for the Vikings, I think we have a better idea of their draft needs. The defense seems to be fairly set with Anthony Barr and Everson Griffen back, although depth is a concern in a couple areas. Minnesota’s biggest need is still the offensive line, even with the Kline and Jones deals...but I don’t think it’s a mandatory, gotta pick in the first round kind of need anymore. I still believe it’s the primary area of concern, so with that in mind this is what I feel are the Vikings needs:

Offensive line

Defensive line

Wide Receiver

My draft strategy is to try and mimic GM Rick Spielman as much as possible—controlled aggression to get players that are dropping (see Dalvin Cook) or the best players available at a real position of need (see Pat Elflein). I know Spielman likes to have 10 picks heading into draft weekend, and if he doesn’t have them he’ll make trades get to that magic number, if possible. However, my ultimate goal is to get the best players I can assemble, not assemble 10 players.

In setting up the draft variables, I chose to use Bleacher Report, as that seems to be the one that has been most consistent in their rankings. The computer is using multiple, as will be the case in real life, the setting is classic, and team needs are based off of Fanspeak.

As we head to round one, these are the Vikings current picks:

Yabba dabba let’s do this.

1st Round

When the first round opens, I get two trade offers to move up:

There are some great players available, and there are a couple I might be willing to trade up for, but not this far and not for this much. Both offers are too steep for me, and my actual preference is to try and trade down if I can. I decline both offers.

When I come on the clock, I get two more offers:

I really like both of these offers. The Falcons give me two fourth round picks, as opposed to a 4 and a 5 from Denver, but Denver’s picks are higher in rounds 2-4, and the higher value will allow me to trade back into the first round if I want to...which I do. I accept Denver’s offer, and these are now my picks:

There are also picks 33 and 36 in the 7th round, so I have 11 total picks. Now, let’s get back in to the first round if I can. Kansas City is sitting at pick 29, and it’s worth 640 points. I can match that with my extra picks in the second and third rounds, but still have picks in both. My offer:

The Chiefs wouldn’t bite unless I threw in the future pick. But with Minnesota projected to get four compensatory picks next year, I was comfortable doing it. These are now my picks available in this draft:

And pick 36 in the 7th round, which I couldn’t get in the screen capture. So the net result for these two trades are I moved down 11 spots in the first round, up nine spots in the second, and added a pick each in the fourth and fifth round.

I am now on the clock, and this is my big board:

Selection: Garrett Bradbury, C/G, NC State

Rationale: I don’t know what to make of Pat Elflein. As an obvious OSU homer, I want him to be the next Mick Tingelhoff, but so far he hasn’t been. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for his poor play last year due to his injuries, but if you look at his first two seasons of PFF scores, he’s been underwhelming. This should be a make or break year for Elflein, and Bradbury can either compete for one of the starting guard jobs, or push Elflein for the starting C job.

2nd Round

When I come on the clock for the second round, I get two offers:

I’ve got the offensive lineman I want, and I made a lot of maneuvering to get a high second round pick when it was all said and done, so the Dallas offer doesn’t really interest me. But, having two second round picks in a trade with New England would be nice. I’m also getting 610 points against giving up 490 points on the trade value chart, so I take the Patriots deal. These are now my picks:

There is also pick 36 in the seventh round that isn’t shown. When I come on the clock at pick 24, I get two offers for pick 32:

Although the two third round picks the Rams are offering are tempting, I want to keep both my second round picks, so I turn down both offers. My big board:

Selection, pick 56 (2/24): David Montgomery, RB, Iowa State

Rationale: I toyed with several options here, as Elgton Jenkins and Nasir Adderley were seriously considered. I chose Montgomery because he’s the best player still on the board, and the Vikings need to improve their ground game. Part of that is getting the offensive line better, but they also need a guy that can come in right away and take the place of Latavius Murray. I’d be really excited with a 1-2 punch of Dalvin Cook and Montgomery, who is a very good pass catcher and pass protector.

Now let’s look at the big board for pick 32:

Selection, pick 62 (2/32): Nasir Adderely, S, Delaware

Rationale: Adderley has played both CB and safety in college, I think he would be an ideal fit for Zimmer’s ‘big nickel’ package, and he will see the field in multiple roles. I damn near picked him with my initial second round pick, so this is a simple choice for me.

3rd Round

When the third round opens, I get two trade offers:

I’m tempted to take the Jets offer, since I would get two more future picks back that helps me recoup the loss of the future second rounder I gave up in the Chiefs trade. In the end, I decline both, because I like where I’m at positionally in this round. When I come on the clock, this is my big board:

Selection: Deandre Walker, EDGE, Georgia

Rationale: Riley Ridley is tempting here, but Walker is my pick. He’s the best EDGE rusher left on the board, and I think the talent at this position really drops off after him. Everson Griffen only has a couple years left with the Vikes, tops, and Walker can be put in the rotation and groomed to replace him.

4th Round

No trade offers, so this is my big board:

Selection, pick 120 (4/18): Elgton Jenkins, C, Mississippi State

Rationale: How the hell is Jenkins still available? Don’t know, don’t care. Easy choice, and the offensive line is fixed.

The big board hasn’t changed that much in four picks.

Selection, pick 125 (4/23): Emanuel Hall, WR, Missouri

Rationale: Hall is a speedster that can burn coverage deep, and could be used as a legit WR3 to complement Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs.

5th Round

No trade offers. Big board:

Selection: Blake Cashman, LB, Minnesota

Rationale: The Vikings need depth at linebacker, and Cashman is a hometown kid. It would be a great story.

6th Round

Big board:

Selection, pick 190 (6/17): Kaden Smith, TE, Stanford

Rationale: The Vikings need to start looking for Kyle Rudolph’s eventual replacement. I don’t know that Smith is it, but Tyler Conklin and David Morgan haven’t really given me a warm fuzzy, either.

Selection, pick 209 (6/36): Hamp Cheevers, CB, Boston College

Rationale: No way the Vikings don’t draft a CB by now, and ‘Hamp Cheevers’ is a ridiculously cool name, a prime consideration for late round picks.

7th Round

Big board doesn’t matter. You’re tired, I’m tired, and no one knows who these guys are, anyway.

Selection, pick 247 (7/33): Donnell Greene, T, Minnesota

Rationale: The Vikings need a tackle, and Greene seems like he’s worth a late round flyer. Ski-U-Mah, baby!

Selection, pick 250 (7/36): Easton Stick, QB, North Dakota State

Rationale: With FA QB Sean Mannion not getting a deal done when he visited the Vikings, Minnesota could decide to roll with Kyle Sloter as the number two guy behind Kirk Cousins, and Stick would then slide into the role of developmental QB, and instantly become the most poular QB in the state of Minnesota, Todd Bouman and Gino Torretta be damned.


Here’s the complete draft class:

And here are the trades I made to get these players:

I addressed all the remaining needs the Vikings had, and I thought I made some pretty decent deals to get these 11 players. I like the potential in the running game with who I drafted with Bradbury, Montgomery, and Jenkins, while got depth at all three levels on defense, and I really like the potential of Emanuel Hall.


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