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Trae Waynes, Jeff Badet to participate in new NFL fastest man competition

The contest will take place on 22 June in Miami

Minnesota Vikings v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, the National Football League used to hold a “fastest man” competition pretty much every year. If I remember correctly, it used to be on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, and the result was usually former Washington Redskins cornerback Darrell Green destroying everyone else in the field.

Now, it appears that the competition is coming back in a new form, and a couple of members of the Minnesota Vikings are going to be taking part.

Former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson Ochocinco Johnson will be hosting a competition called “40 Yards of Gold” that will take place in Miami on 22 June. The competition will be broadcast live, so anyone that wants to watch it will be able to.

From looking at the website, it appears that the competition will be head-to-head races featuring 16 NFL players. . .eight offensive players and eight defensive players. The winner from the offensive side will then face the winner from the defensive side to determine the fastest player.

At the link above, you can vote on who you think the “#1 seed” should be on each side. There are two current Vikings listed, with cornerback Trae Waynes on the defensive side and wide receiver Jeff Badet on the offensive side. I’m assuming that the top eight vote getters on each side will be slotted into the final field.

Since we’re now into the dead period between the end of the draft and the start of Training Camp, this is something we’re definitely going to be keeping an eye on. If you want Trae Waynes and Jeff Badet to be in the field, hit the link above and go cast your vote!