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Irv Smith thinks that he and Kyle Rudolph could be a great combination

But will we get to find out?

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

In theory, the Minnesota Vikings selected Alabama tight end Irv Smith, Jr. in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft to, eventually, replace incumbent Kyle Rudolph.

With uncertainty now surrounding Rudolph’s future in purple, you can count Smith among those that hopes he gets at least one season as Rudolph’s teammate.

Smith told NFL Total Access on Thursday that he’s very much looking forward to being a teammate of Rudolph’s, and he addressed whether or not Rudolph’s current status makes things awkward.

“It’s definitely not weird at all,” Smith told Lindsay Rhodes on Total Access on Thursday in regards to whether there was any awkwardness between the two tight ends. “He’s embraced me. I’ve learned a lot already from him. And I hope that he’s there, because I can learn from him and, you know, we can be a great combination.”

Rudolph and Smith could very well be a very good one-two punch at the tight end spot for the Vikings. We all know how good Rudolph has been in the red zone over the years, and Smith’s speed gives him a field-stretching ability in the middle of the field that Rudolph just doesn’t provide.

The Vikings could, also, be looking to the tight end position early in the 2020 NFL Draft to find a running mate for Smith. Not only is Rudolph in the final year of his contract, but so is fellow tight end David Morgan. Since Smith can’t very well replace Morgan and Rudolph, should they both move on after 2019, there could be another opening at the position in the near future, too.

Do you hope that we get to see Irv Smith, Jr. and Kyle Rudolph lining up together this season? Do you think we’ll get to see that?