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The Vikings have, reportedly, made Kyle Rudolph a contract extension offer

And it sounds a little crazy to me

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to The Daily Rudolph, where we’re tracking all of the latest developments between the Minnesota Vikings and their starting tight end as they try to work out some sort of a deal.

Today, news has come down from the folks at Pro Football Talk that, while not much process is being made, the Vikings have made an extension offer to Kyle Rudolph. And, if what they’re saying is accurate. . .well, it’s a little strange.

Here’s what PFT’s report says:

The Vikings, according to the source, have offered Rudolph a five-year extension, which would give Rudolph a new-money average among the highest paid tight ends in the league. That extension also would, presumably, reduce Rudolph’s current cap number of $7.625 million.

The source adds that the Vikings have not asked Rudolph to take a pay cut in 2018, the final year of his current deal.

As it stands now, Rudolph’s $7.625 million cap hit is the fifth-highest at the position in the NFL, according to Over the Cap. If this (hypothetical) extension would keep him “among the highest paid tight ends in the league,” let’s take a look at what sort of numbers that could mean.

Per the numbers from Over the Cap, the average cap hit for the five highest-paid tight ends in the NFL will be $11,293,313 for the 2020 season and $9.430,966 for 2021. For a guy that would be in his mid-30s before a five-year contract extension expired, that seems like a lot. Unless Rudolph is going to be the second coming of Jason Witten or something, that kind of salary feels a little excessive.

I can’t see the Vikings offering Rudolph that long an extension with those sorts of numbers attached. If they had, I’d find it difficult to believe that Rudolph wouldn’t have signed it by now if there was more guaranteed money attached.

The next round of OTAs get underway in Eagan on Tuesday. Will the two sides come to some sort of an agreement before then?