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Vikings Draft Recap Good Morning Gjallarhorn Style

Good Morning Gjallarhorn episode 50 talks the 2019 Vikings draft class

Good morning Horners! Your beloved Minnesota Vikings have completed the 2019 draft with 12 overall selections and plenty of transactions to get there. Ted, Drew, and myself bring you the recap and the only way grizzled old fans can. Be prepared for some fascinating and absolutely humorous analysis as we dive into some of your favorite picks.

Not since 1965, has four offensive players been selected with the first four picks by the Vikings. Those household names included Jack Snow [WR], Archie Sutton [T], Lance Rentzel [WR], and Jim Whalen [TE]. This year soon to be household names started out with Garrett Bradbury [C], Irv Smith [TE], Alexander Mattison [RB], and Dru Samia [G]. 1965 was a very long time ago, and to our senior fans that remember that far back, I salute you. For the rest of us, join in the enjoyment of learning about this year’s selections.

Obviously, Gary Kubiak had a huge influence over the Vikings direction during this draft. Known for his offensive mind and scheme, we can see the direct effect. He may be the first person to ever convince Mike Zimmer not to pick any defenders early. That demonstrates one heck of a relationship, either good or bad, that we’ll look forward to seeing in 2019. Not to give all credit to Kubiak, because we know Kevin Stefanski and Rick Dennison were also involved as well as Rick Spielman and his scouting department, and of course how the board fell.

Players discussed in this episode include Mattison, Bradbury, Samia, Smith, and the lower round selections of Cameron Smith [LB], Khris Boyd [CB], brief mentions of Dillon Mitchell, Olabisi Johnson, Oli Udoh, and then Ted Glover’s favorite selection, Austin Cutting. All these fine young gentlemen were part of the 12 player haul, the largest for the Vikings since the league went to a 7 round format in 1993.

Everyone that watched the live draft show, I want to give a big shout out. You all rock! It was our most watched show to date. We have two questions for you. Would you like to see the “In the Raw” episodes done live this season, and what did you think of the Vikings selections in the draft?

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As always, enjoy the watch!