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It’s Friday, so here’s Everson Griffen and Dalvin Cook cracking eggs on Kirk Cousins’ head

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For a good cause, mind you

Texas Tech v Michigan State Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Social media is weird. I don’t understand why 90% of the stuff that trends on social media trends on social media, but that might owe largely to the fact that I’m old and what not. However, the newest trend is one that happens to be for a good cause, and Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback Kirk Cousins has gotten involved in it.

It’s called the “Crack Cancer” challenge, and its purpose is to raise awareness of and money for the fight against pediatric cancer. This all started with Kyle Brandt of the NFL Network taking part in the challenge on Good Morning, Football the other day.

As you can see in the video, Brandt then called out his co-host (and former Viking) Nate Burleson, as well as Kirk Cousins. Well, Cousins answered the call, with an assist from Everson Griffen and Dalvin Cook.

Seriously, that first one from Everson might have put Cousins into the concussion protocol. Man, he slammed that thing down, didn’t he?

Cousins then called out a fellow Michigan State Spartan, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green, as well as Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk.

Again, the biggest takeaway from this is that these folks are attempting to raise money for the Willie Strong Foundation, a pediatric cancer charity. Their most immediate goal is to raise $2 million to create an endowment to establish the William Seamus Hughes Professorship in Neuro-oncology and Immunology at Children’s National. According to the linked PFT post from about six hours ago, they have already raised over $118,000 towards that goal.

Kudos to Kirk Cousins for taking part in this and doing his part to ensure that this outstanding cause gets closer to its goal.