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Steve Hutchinson makes trip to Kuwait to visit troops

And to serve them steaks, too!

Waiting for Wishes Celebrity Waiters Dinner hosted by Kevin Carter and Jay DeMarcus Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Waiting For Wishes

While many of us were observing Memorial Day at home with our families, former Minnesota Vikings star Steve Hutchinson had much bigger things in mind.

Hutchinson made a trip to Kuwait with a delegation from Minnesota, including KFAN radio host Chris Hawkey, as a part of a charity called Serving Our Troops. They visited Camp Arifjan and cooked steaks for the 4,500 military members currently serving there.

Hutchinson, whose father served in the Marine Corps, has made numerous trips to visit stateside bases, but this was his first trip to an overseas location.

“For us to come over here and provide them with a home-cooked meal, so to speak, give them a little break from reality, hear some music and eat a good a meal, it’s the very least we can do,” he added.

According to the story from the Vikings’ website, during Hutchinson’s trip the Serving Our Troops charity served up it’s 100,000th steak. It apparently went to a Specialist from Bloomington, Theodore Cameron-Williams.

“It actually feels great. I feel very honored to receive this,” Spc. Cameron-Williams told WCCO. “It’s a lot of soldiers before me, so I want to thank all those before me and the staff that came out here and served us as well.”

After the meal was finished, members of the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division that are currently deployed to Camp Arifjan were connected to their loved ones back home via a video call to the St. Paul Rivercentre.

Kudos to Hutchinson and the rest of the folks that represented Serving Our Troops for our troops at Camp Arifjan. It can be pretty rough at a place like that, so it was a wonderful thing they did in trying to bring those men and women a small taste of home.