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Vikings release safety Jordan Martin

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He was let go to make room for Terrence Alexander

AAF: Salt Lake Stallions at San Diego Fleet Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

With the Minnesota Vikings signing a handful of players from their rookie tryout camp this past weekend, someone had to go in order to keep the roster at 90 players. One of those players was let go on Tuesday.

The Vikings have released safety Jordan Martin in order to make room for cornerback Terrence Alexander, who was a part of the Vikings’ tryout camp. The team also, reportedly, signed defensive end Stacy Keely, but no corresponding move has been made to bring him on board yet.

Martin was one of the Vikings’ signings from the Alliance of American Football after the league ceased operations. He was brought in along with linebacker Greer Martini back on 10 April, so he was with the team for a month or so before being let go.

Since the Keely signing still has not been made official yet, the Vikings’ roster remains at 90 players with the signing of Alexander and the release of Martin. Once we have word on who is being let go to sign Keely to the roster, we’ll have that news for you here.