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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania names street after Dennis Green

He will live forever in his hometown

Vikings v Saints X

Dennis Green will live forever in the history of the Minnesota Vikings as a successful head coach, and now he has forever been immortalized in the town that he grew up in.

On Saturday, part of a street in Green’s hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was renamed Dennis Green Way.

Green was named the head coach of the Vikings in 1992, becoming just the second African-American head coach in NFL history. He coached the Vikings until 2001, and to this day has more coaching victories for the franchise than anyone not named Bud Grant.

Former Vikings’ player Robert Tate, who was given his opportunity by Green, was among those in attendance in Harrisburg on Saturday.

“He’d always been there for me, not just as a player but as a son. He always taught me right from wrong.” Tate said.

He said also instilled in Tate to help others and have a plan beyond football. Tate, who played for Harrisburg High School, hosts football camps for kids.

“What I’m doing now helping the people and giving back is valuable from what he taught me as a coach,” Tate said.

This July will mark the third anniversary of Coach Green’s passing.

Congratulations to the family of Dennis Green on getting the coach recognized. According to the story from Penn Live, they pushed pretty hard for this to happen, and I’m quite happy to see that they got what they were looking for.