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NFL Network shows that it’s time for the season to start already

I mean, seriously

Rise Up For Resilience Gala Hosted By Tuesday’s Children Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for The Rise Up for Resilience Gala

We’re into the last part of the NFL’s offseason, which means it’s time for predictions from all corners of the entertainment world. I’ve seen a couple of the season preview magazines on the shelves on some of the stores here (haven’t actually purchased them yet), but I can’t imagine that we’re going to see a worse prediction for the Minnesota Vikings than we’ve gotten from Adam Rank of the NFL Network.

I don’t have the full video in front of me, but here’s an image that was captured by the good folks on the Minnesota Vikings Reddit page.

Picture courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings Reddit

Yes, apparently the Vikings are going to be a 5-11 team in 2019, according to these predictions. Not only are they going to be a 5-11 team, but they’re going to do that by

  1. Winning in Seattle, where the Vikings haven’t won since 2006.
  2. Going 0-6 against the NFC North.
  3. Going 3-5 at U.S. Bank Stadium (and 2-6 on the road).

Now, I understand that I’m heavily, heavily biased. But, seriously, I don’t see a scenario where this Minnesota Vikings team, with all of their talent on both sides of the ball, wins five games this season. I mean, this isn’t 2011 when we knew the Vikings were in for a long season (and even then could have been better than 3-13 if they could have caught a couple of breaks). This is a very talented team that’s very well coached, and unless damn near every starter on both sides of the ball for this team gets hurt, they should be fighting for a playoff spot all season again at the very worst.

I’m not sure about the logic behind Rank’s predictions here. . .but I damn sure know that I disagree with them.