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Previewing the 2019 NFC North with the Next Fan Up Podcast

A bit of a roundtable about the NFL’s most important division

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NFC North

As the offseason continues to drag on, we’re starting to get close to preview season. In keeping with that, yours truly got an opportunity to sit in on a different podcast to talk about the entire division with fans from the other three teams.

The Next Fan Up Podcast features yours truly, acting as the “Superfan” for the Minnesota Vikings, as well as a couple of NFU regulars in Tom (representing the Chicago Bears) and Brian (representing the Green Bay Packers). The host, Josh, was carrying the banner for the Detroit Lions.

You can listen to the entire podcast below. It’s relatively lengthy, clocking in at over an hour and a half.

It was a pretty good time, I thought, and I do like the setup of these sorts of podcasts. It gives you an Around the Horn sort of feel, only you’re not being muted every fifteen seconds.

Incidentally, the folks from Next Fan Up are looking for a full-time Vikings “Superfan.” If you’re interested, you can get in contact with the hosts via the Next Fan Up page on Spreaker, or via their Twitter account, which can be found @NFUPodcast.

Enjoy the show, everybody!