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Brian Robison details his transition to retirement in new YouTube series

What’s he doing now that he’s no longer in the NFL?

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

During the last few years of his time with the Minnesota Vikings, defensive end Brian Robison put together a series of videos called “96 Questions,” where he would go around the Vikings’ locker room and ask questions of his teammates. With Robison announcing his retirement a couple of months ago, he might not be doing “96 Questions” anymore, but it doesn’t look like he’s leaving YouTube behind entirely.

Earlier this week, Robison debuted a new series on the video streaming site called “The Transition Season.” You can see the first episode right here.

The video starts out with some “behind the scenes” footage of Robison’s last day as a Viking, traveling to the team facility in Eagan and meeting up with teammates, as well as Hall of Famer John Randle.

The bulk of the video, however, features Robison and his teammate of eight years, Everson Griffen, heading out onto Mille Lacs Lake to do some fishing. It starts with a funny bit about one other occasion where the two of them went out fishing together (and how the trip got cut short), and then shows the two of them out on the lake for a pretty successful day.

It’s kind of fitting that Robison chose Griffen to be on this inaugural episode. After what he went through last season and taking a pay cut from the Vikings, Griffen is going through a bit of a transition of his own in 2019. For what it’s worth, he certainly appears to be in good spirits with Robison out on the lake. Hopefully whatever he went through last season is completely behind him.

Keep an eye out for new episodes of “The Transition Season” from Brian Robison. If the rest of the episodes are as good as the first one, it will definitely be a must-watch.