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Revenge Week: Favre’s return to Lambeau named best “revenge game” of past quarter century

Revenge is a dish best served. . .with cheese

Minnesota Vikings v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As “Revenge Week” continues across the SB Nation network of football sites, our friends at the mothership have named a performance by a member of the Minnesota Vikings to be the best “revenge game” of the past 25 seasons of NFL football.

Charles McDonald compiled the list for SB Nation, and his top choice was none other than Brett Favre making his return to Lambeau Field in 2009.

We spoke briefly about Favre’s first game against his former team, the Green Bay Packers, when we looked at revenge games earlier this week. But the game we talked about was on friendly grounds at the Metrodome. McDonald instead focuses on Favre’s return to Wisconsin, where Favre put on an even better performance than he did the first time he met his former club.

After Favre’s second touchdown pass of the game, a 51-yard work of art to Percy Harvin, the Vikings had staked themselves to a 24-3 lead. The Packers mounted a comeback to get themselves to within four points late in the third quarter at 24-20, but Favre provided two more touchdown passes. . .a 2-yarder to Jeff Dugan and a 16-yarder to Bernard Berrian. . .to salt the game away for Minnesota, who left Lambeau Field with a 38-26 victory and a 7-1 record.

Again, Favre didn’t throw for a ton of yards in the game, completing 17-of-28 passes for 244 yards, but those four touchdown passes propelled the Vikings to victory.

Yes, we know how the 2009 season wound up ending for the Vikings, but it certainly wasn’t because the Packers did anything to stop the Vikings or slow them down. The two performances by Favre against his former team that season were outstanding, and the second is now the best “revenge game” in the past quarter century of NFL football.