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A stat from the 2018 Vikings that shouldn’t happen with any team

And hopefully won’t repeat itself this year

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The kicking game for the Minnesota Vikings was an absolute disaster last year. No matter what definition you use, the Vikings’ kickers were as bad as they’ve been for any Minnesota team in recent memory. However, while perusing the internet today, I saw this stat from NFL Reddit that pretty much sums it up, and is hopefully something that we won’t see repeat itself anytime soon.

I’ll sum it up with just the numbers:

  • Kirk Cousins’ completion percentage in 2018: 70.1%
  • Vikings’ field goal kicking accuracy: 68.8%

Yes. . .last season it was more likely that a pass thrown by Kirk Cousins would be completed than a field goal attempt by a Minnesota kicker would go through the uprights.

Granted, Cousins’ completing 70% of his passes was pretty crazy. . .Cousins and Sam Bradford are the only qualifying quarterbacks to complete over 70% of their passes in a season in Vikings’ history. But, to put this into perspective, the year that Bradford set the NFL record by completing 71.6% of his passes (2016), Blair Walsh and Kai Forbath combined to make 87.1% of their field goals. They went 27-of-31 on the year, with all four of those misses coming from Walsh (Forbath was 15/15 after Walsh was released).

With all of the things we’ve talked about with the Vikings this offseason, the kicking game is the one thing that really, truly, shouldn’t be able to get any worse. Dan Bailey has been a solid kicker during his career, and hopefully he can get back to form in 2019. Because unless Kirk Cousins completes about 85% of his passes, this is a stat that absolutely can’t be repeated this upcoming season.

(And, yes, it bears repeating. . .this is the offseason.)