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Report: George Paton turned down the Jets. Again.

This is not a repeat post from last week. This is a totally different rejection.

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

A little over a week ago, we brought you the word that Minnesota Vikings Assistant GM George Paton turned down the opportunity to interview for the General Manager position with the New York Jets. It was the third time that the Jets had requested to interview Paton, and the third time he turned them down.

On Friday, the Jets hired former Philadelphia Eagles executive Joe Douglas for their GM role.

But not before taking a fourth run at Paton, apparently.

Connor Hughes of The Athletic is reporting that, after Paton turned the Jets down, they went and interviewed Douglas. Then, after the Douglas interview, the J-E-T-S apparently decided to give Paton another call and ask him to reconsider. According to Hughes, he did actually reconsider. . .but then, just as he had the previous three times, wound up saying no.

Congratulations to the Jets on getting their second choice, though. Perhaps this can be blamed on Kirk Cousins or Anthony Barr, too.

The Vikings might not be out of the woods with Paton, though. On Friday, the Houston Texans. . .a team that went 11-5 and made a trip to the playoffs last season. . .decided to fire their GM after he had been on the job for just one year. So, there’s another vacancy out there in the GM ranks. Is this going to be the one that pulls Paton away? I hope not, but we’ll be monitoring things on that front as well.