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Daily Norseman talks about the 2019 season with Bears Talk Underground

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Almost as much of a tradition as the Vikings hosting the Bears in Week 17

Season preview time is in full swing, and once again yours truly got an opportunity to sit down with an old friend and talk about both the Minnesota Vikings and one of their NFC North rivals.

The other day, I sat down and spoke. . .or, attempted to speak. . .with Larry D. from the Bears Talk Underground podcast about how the 2018 season went for the Vikings, what 2019 might look like, and why exactly the NFL feels compelled to (apparently) schedule Bears at Vikings in Week 17 every year from now until eternity.

You can hear the podcast on the embedded player below.

If my audio sounds a bit different at different times, there’s a reason for that. I started out talking to Larry via my laptop, but my internet connection chose to. . .if I can clean up a slightly vulgar phrase. . .defecate where it sleeps. So, I had to shift over to my phone for the second part of the interview.

Hopefully that won’t detract from the interview as a whole, though, as getting to talk with Larry is always a good time and always provides some pretty decent insight not only into our team, but to one of our chief rivals as well.

I hope you enjoy the show, everyone! If you’d like to subscribe to BTU in order to keep up with all the happenings from Chicago, you can check them out at either Armchair All-Americans or on their site at Podbean.