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Good Morning Gjallarhorn ep 052 – To The Zip Line!

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The GMG crew talk about Jerry Burns, team building, locker room unity, and zip lining. Weeeeeee!!!

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Good morning Horners! The old crew is back in the saddle again and in this episode, we talk about team bonding and fractures in the locker room. Starting out with a look at the Green Bay Packers, and how it seems that there may be dysfunction already, or at least the potential there for quite a bit. Ted Glover and Drew Bunting break down what they see for them this season. Dave compares Aaron Rodgers to Joe Flacco over the last two seasons and how this will definitely affect how the division shakes out in the Minnesota Vikings can win it.

As Gary Kubiak’s role for the Vikings comes into more clarity, and enthusiastic discussion broke out of whether he will be a sounding board head coach Mike Zimmer or more of a quasi-offensive coordinator taking that job from Kevin Stefanski. The guys at GMG are curious as to what you think about this new dynamic?

We look at the offensive line, which we all agree should be an improvement over last year, but wonder if it will be enough. Seeing a poll on Twitter where Vikings fans were asked what is more important, a good offensive line, the scheme, or a set of very good wide receivers, there was a definite push in the direction of what fans haven’t seen in a long while. We are curious, which of those three do you think is most important to future Viking success?

Ted hypothesizes that there was a fracture in the locker room last year, and Drew laments the loss of leaders in the locker room like Everson Griffin, Brian Robison, and Terrance Newman. There is definitely a value for veteran leadership when it comes to the chemistry among the players. What a difference we saw between the 2017 season and the 2018 one.

Wrapping up with that team binding theme, Ted tells a story of how it was either Mike Lynn or Roger Headrick that back in the day took the team for some team bonding experiences to include ziplining down a canyon. Can you imagine Jerry Burns yelling, “to the zip line!”? How many F-bombs were sure to follow? “Weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!” – into the 2019 season we go!

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