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Good Morning Gjallarhorn ep 053 – Drew On Drew

GMG talks with one of its founders in this get to know you piece, Mr. Drew Bunting on his love for Minnesota Vikings and music.

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Good morning Horners! As the rollout continues of the Climbing The Pocket Network joining the Daily Norseman, DN readers have enjoyed Good Morning Gjallarhorn for almost a year now. You have Ted Glover, myself, and Drew Bunting that started the show and shared here. Ted has been a front-page writer since 2009, and I have been doing fan posts and some front page writing on and off since 2008, but you never really got to know Mr. Drew Bunting. This episode, we have Drew On Drew just for you.

Drew is an avid Vikings fan and been one all his life, but had to suffer much of it out on the West Coast, with a good chunk of that prior to the Internet and Sunday Ticket. Like many Minnesota Vikings fans, he looks to find Vikings news and memorabilia wherever he can find it. Now, in the modern information age, it is easy. So much so, that he is joined in at the beginning of the Good Morning Gjallarhorn conception. He said, “Dave, why don’t we do a podcast, but better,” and GMG was born.

Drew tells us about the two types of shows the GMG does regularly. His favorite is our immediate post-game live show, that we call “In The Raw.” Then there is our second show which includes more analysis, production and a look forward to the weekends game that usually launches on Saturday mornings. It is the GMG pregame show to start your weekend. On occasion will also do some GMG short takes just for the fun of it.

Drew grew up loving two things, music and football. He tells stories of imagining himself as Bud Grant when he was but a kid, of learning to play the bass guitar. He started with jazz and then fell in love with rock ‘n’ roll. This love of music or the game translated also to liking players that obviously play for the love of the game. He views Adam Thielen as one of those. Can you name some Vikings that you think fall under that category?

Looking towards the 2019 season, he’s hoping everybody stays healthy, not only on the field but off. Drew loves to talk football and he can get awfully funny, so enjoy the show.

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen!

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