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Good Morning Gjallarhorn ep 054 – Toughest To Win

The GMG crew gets together to debate the hardest team sport trophy to win in professional sports, the Stanley Cup or the Lombardi.

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Good morning Horners! We have a special Good Morning Gjallarhorn “short” for you. Our very own beloved Ted Glover following the victory of his hometown St. Louis Blues started to discuss with Drew Bunting how the NHL’s Stanley Cup was the toughest trophy in all of pro sports [team sports] to win. I disagreed and said the NFL’s Lombardi is. The debate was on…

A good chunk of us being raised in the frozen north, know both sports well. Football and hockey players were always admired for their toughness. In professional sports there are athletes across all spectrums, but football and hockey were the impact/collision team sports. Ted and Drew took the side of hockey being the toughest, the long season, the multiple games in the playoffs, the hits, etc. I felt however, due to recovery times, size, and the different nature of football, including a smaller playoff field, it was. The Blues won their first trophy in their history, and we know where the Minnesota Vikings sit in their goal to achieve one. The 2019 season might be that year where first time winners take the championship, and that bodes well for our beloved Vikings.

Which do you think is the hardest trophy to win?

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