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E31: Pocket Protectors [2019 Vikings Season Preview - Kansas City to Seattle]

Previewing the third quarter of the season

NFL: Pro Bowl Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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In this episode:

Eric Eager and Nick Olson join Jayson Brown to preview the third quarter of the 2019 Vikings Season.

Kansas City Chiefs

  • Unstoppable force vs immovable object
  • KC’s improved defense
  • Cornerback is still a concern
  • Is the Chiefs offense too fast for the Vikings D?
  • Travis Kelce = matchup nightmare?
  • Too many options for KC
  • Reiff vs Clark = advantage Clark
  • Is Andy Reid the best play-caller in the NFL?
  • Screen game too strong
  • Viking should have a decided advantage vs Chiefs DB
  • Take a page out of Shurmur’s book?

Dallas Cowboys

  • Cowboys as paper tigers
  • Is Dallas now a defensive team?
  • Vikings with a big road win…

“The Vikings are a better team than the Cowboys” - Dr. Eric Eager

  • Dallas looks like an 8-8 team
  • Dallas’ defensive regression started at the end of last season
  • 2nd corner for Dallas is the mark

Denver Broncos

  • 3rd lowest total of the year - 43.5
  • Who will be starting at QB?
  • Minnesota should be a decided favorite in this game
  • Fangio Factor?
  • 2018 Bears defense was all-time great last season
  • Bryce Callahan as an Adam Thielen eraser
  • Are the Broncos better than last season’s record?
  • Which defense has better personnel: Vikings or Broncos?

Seattle Seahawks

  • Is Pete Carroll underrated?
  • Russell Wilson being held back by Seattle’s OC?
  • Minnesota is a better team than Seattle
  • Seattle’s home field advantage is slightly larger than others
  • Did Seattle lose too much talent this offseason?
  • Russell’s 3rd down success is unstainable
  • Brad Johnson is the last Vikings to win at Seattle

Record Predictions

Eric - 1-3 (6-6)

Nick - 2-2 (7-5)